The 3 Major Benefits of Swimming

We have all heard it…it is summer time get out there, have fun and for goodness sake, get some exercise.  Swimming is perhaps the single most excellent way to work both your entire physical body as well as your cardiovascular system. In fact, it is widely adhered to that swimming will burn nearly as much calories as will that daily grind of running with the side benefit of no impact on your bones and joints, so definitely a win-win.  So, what exactly are the top three benefits of swimming?

First and Foremost, Swimming Gives a Workout To All Muscle Groups

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No one disputes that the single most important benefit of swimming is the workout to your entire body, for when you swim, it increases your heart rate without adding stress to your body. It tones your muscles, builds strength, and increases endurance.  You can read various manuals and online sites that will tell you the specific benefits of the different ways to swim and the variety of the ways to swim, such as the breaststroke, backstroke, sidestroke, butterfly and of course, freestyle.  Each have very specific areas of muscle groups they work on and the added benefit of the water itself providing gentle resistance.

Workout Your Inside As Well As Your Outside

That’s right…the second most popular benefit of swimming is that swimming works not only your ‘outside’ muscles, but your cardiovascular system, as well as your heart and lungs.  Some research shows that swimming is such a good activity and exercise for you that it reduces the risk of death, and it is also known to help lower your blood pressure and blood sugar for those who struggle.  The other healthy benefits of swimming include assisting in the healing of injuries and certain arthritis conditions, as other exercise may be too high-impact to perform.  Swimming has been known to help people with asthma as well as MS; it is also a great way to lose weight.  Swimming burns those calories.  Regular swimming exercise helps manage stress, has been known to be a mood booster as well as improve your sleep, and above all this, swimming exercise is both safe for kids as well as pregnant women.

How Can you Take Advantage of all These Great Benefits?

The third best benefit to swimming is that you can often do so in the convenience of your own home.  There are many affordable pool options to choose from for you and your family to enjoy the hot summer heat and get some great outdoor exercise for your body, mind, and spirit.

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