Proper Pool Maintenance In Fairlawn, OH

How To Take Good Care Of Your Swimming Pool In Fairlawn, OH

Fairlawn, OH has opened its pools for the 2019 swim season. Local pool companies provide pool opening services at the start of the spring season and pool closing services at the start of the winter season. These pool companies also provide pool installation services. They can build any type of swimming pool for you in Fairlawn, OH. You can also request professional pool repair and renovation services in the city and its suburbs. All these professional pool services are offered as part of proper pool care and maintenance. Pool maintenance entails many things. Regular pool cleaning is one of the most important pool maintenance activities in Fairlawn, OH.  Today we are going to look at various pool maintenance activities that are done in Fairlawn, OH.

Regular And Proper Pool Cleaning

It’s very important that you clean your swimming pool regularly and properly in Fairlawn, OH. Pool cleaning is a comprehensive process that continues every day. There are some cleaning activities that you should do on a daily basis. Other cleaning processes are done weekly. And there are still other cleaning activities that are done on a monthly basis. You can clean your swimming pool on your own or you can hire a professional Fairlawn swimming pool company to clean it for you. There are very many things that you do when cleaning your swimming pool in Fairlawn, OH including:Akron pool repair

·       Skimming the surface to remove leaves and other debris

·       Using tennis balls to remove suntan lotions, makeup, body oils, and hair product

·       Power/pressure washing the deck

·       Brushing the edges to remove limescale and algae

·       Scrubbing the liner with pumice

·       Vacuum cleaning the swimming pool

You should clean your pool thoroughly once every week in Fairlawn, OH. But it’s advisable that you skim the surface to remove all leaves and other floating debris every day.

Pay Attention To The Filter

One of the most important parts of a swimming pool is the filter. The filter removes all impurities from the pool. The filter basket collects all kinds of debris including leaves, dirt, twigs etc. You should remove the filter basket and clean it out every week. You should then backwash the filter every month to ensure that it’s in excellent condition.

Balance The Chemical Levels

Chemicals are very important in a swimming pool. Several chemicals are used in a typical swimming pool in Fairlawn, OH. They help kill bacteria, germs, and other contaminants that can affect your health when you are swimming. But in order to make sure that these chemicals are working properly, the right balance must be maintained. You should have the water in your swimming pool tested regularly by a reliable pool company like Eastern Pools to determine the chemical balance. Your main concern should be chlorine, cyanuric acid, and elements like calcium. The perfect pH, alkalinity, and acidity levels should be maintained at all times. Their reviews can be seen at

Shock Your Pool

If your pool starts to get murkier and to get that nasty chlorine odor, you should shock it by adding a large quantity of chlorine. This will kill the chloramines, bacteria, and other contaminants in the pool and solve this problem for you. Speak to a pool professional about the proper way to do this, what exactly to use, and how much to add, depending on the size of your pool.

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