Eastern Pools Chemical Picture

Here at Eastern Pools, Inc., we stock products for your spa and pool needs, as well as enjoyment. When selecting a product that we shelve, you can always be guaranteed value and efficiency. We are the pool and spa product leaders in the Akron area, which means that you will be able to find whatever products you are looking for when purchasing with us. Along with having the most extensive parts inventory in the area, we also sell products that are offered by the leading pool and spa suppliers in the country. We are also proud of the fact that we make and sell our house brand products. These have been used all over the Akron area for over 30 years. Come by today and see what we are all about and all that we have to offer. If you are needing any help with chemicals or parts call us at 330-825-2214. We will be glad to speak with you about the welfare and betterment of your pool or spa.


The most important part about the upkeep of your pool or spa is the chemistry of your water. Having your levels off can have many negative side effects that no owner wants to deal with. That is why it is imperative that you stay on top of checking and maintaining these levels. Here at Eastern Pools, Inc. we help you. Come in and have your water tested. This is the first step we use in helping you figure out exactly what levels are correct and which ones are off. After the reading, one of our experienced technicians can help you find the proper products to rebalance your pool or spa. Our selection is top notch and we also feature our in-house brand, Team, that you can put your trust in.  We are a leading pool chemical supplier in northeastern Ohio and, as always, our dedicated staff maintains this focus.

Not sure if the products alone will be enough to help save your pool or spa? Feel like you need a little more help and advice upon a thorough inspection? You are in the perfect place to schedule an appointment so that we can come out and get your pool or spa back into working order.

Fun in the Sun

We also love to have fun here at Eastern Pools, Inc. and feel that you should too. Our store is  stocked with toys and floats for those enjoyable and playful days in the pool. Come on in and choose floats and toys for your next pool party, whatever the occasion may be. We want you to be able to enjoy your valuable asset to the fullest. If you want, have the little ones come in and pick out their toys themselves. Our friendly staff members enjoy bringing smiles to everyone’s faces, big or small.

We take pride in making it possible to handle all of your pool and spa needs in one place. That’s why we keep many different products in stock. Come visit us if you are looking to find the right products, looking for help, or just wanting to stop by and browse our selection. Whatever your needs may be, we here at Eastern Pools, Inc. are ready and prepared to help you. These, among many more, are all reasons why Eastern Pools are where great backyards begin.