Maintenance & Water Treatment

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If you have a pool or spa, taking proper care of the water should be of utmost importance. Many people do not understand the importance of doing so, or how often the water should be cleaned. If you frequently have pool parties or other get-togethers, you will want to take caution in having your pool or spa cleaned and treated regularly. Testing the water can tell you if there is too much chlorine, or not enough. In either case, maintaining a balance is important, to prevent the pool from becoming too chemical-laden, or not doing its job.

Many don’t think about this, but if you leave your water out of balance it can damage your heater which will result in a costly repair bill all because you didn’t keep your water in balance.

We recommend that you test your water a very minimum of once a week if not more on hot weeks to insure it’s balanced correctly.  We carry many home water testing kits so that you can easily test the water yourself.


The Importance Of Water Treatment


Water treatment is essential for any pool or spa, no matter what the size. At Eastern Pools, we can help you ensure that your pool or spa is clean enough to use. Water that is not treated on a regular basis can be subjected to issues such as bacteria and algae. This can be dangerous for anyone who goes swimming in the pool, exposing them to diseases and infections. If you are setting up your pool for the first time, or even for the beginning of the season, you may be unsure of how to properly treat it and what steps should be taken so that you don’t have to deal with other issues related to cleanliness of the pool. Eastern Pools can help you get ready for the season, and show you what is needed to ensure the water is always clean and correctly treated, no matter how big or small your pool or spa is.


Water Testing And Maintenance Is Crucial All Throughout Pool Season


After the pool is set up, is important to have it maintained all throughout the duration of the season you will have the pool or spa in operation. Many folks don’t know, but testing the water for cleanliness should take place once a week, at a minimum. In cases where the pool has had heavy use, you might want to have it tested more frequently. Ensuring that the water is being maintained at the correct levels can prevent costly repair issues further down the road, such as dealing with a pool or spa heater that has been affected because the water was not balanced.


Eastern Pools Has Options For Maintenance And Testing


If you are unsure of how to test the water yourself, our professionals can come out and either test at your residence, or they can take a sample and test at our office. If you would prefer to have one professional testing and then choose to maintain the pool on your own, we can help with that as well. We have testing kits that help you decipher how your pool or spa is, and a wide variety of products to help keep the water clean. Contact us to see how we can help you keep your pool in prime condition, and avoid the problems associated with water that is not regularly tested or cleaned. It’s easier than ever to ensure a clean and healthy pool or spa, with perfectly balanced water.