Important Pool Cleaning Tips For Bath, OH

Maintaining A Clean Swimming Pool In Bath, OH

Bath, OH has some of the cleanest swimming pools in the country. And it’s all because the city does regular and proper pool cleaning. Pool cleaning is one of the most important pool maintenance activities. The frequency or the number of times that you should clean your pool depends on pool use. But its generally recommended that you clean your pool at least once per week in Bath, OH. This will ensure that you remove all the leaves, debris, and even clean all the other critical areas every week thereby maintaining a pristine swimming pool in your compound. You can do the cleaning on your own or you can request Bath pool cleaning services from a professional pool company.

Hiring a professional pool company, like Eastern Pools, is highly convenient for you because pool cleaning can be quite tedious and time consuming. You will also be assured that your swimming pool will be cleaned properly and thoroughly and all the chemicals balanced as part of the professional pool maintenance services. You should especially have it cleaned thoroughly, maintenance performed, and water balanced upon opening the pool. Whether you decide to clean your own pool in Bath, OH or to have it cleaned by a pro, you should always observe the following tips.

Vacuum The Pool

As part of the cleaning procedure, you should make sure that you vacuum your swimming pool properly to remove all dirt particles. You can use a manual vacuum for the job or install an automatic model. The manual vacuum is far much cheaper than an automatic vacuum in Bath, OH. The automatic cleaner does all the work for you meaning that it’s very convenient.

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Skim The Leaves

This is the most basic or routine pool cleaning activity In Bath, OH. You should skim the surface of your pool with a skimmer daily to remove all:

·       Leaves and twigs

·       Bugs and insects

·       Pollen

·       Other floating debris

If you do not have pool cover, you should skim the pool daily. And even if you have a pool cover, you should skim the surface whenever you remove the cover.

Clean The Filter

When cleaning your pool in Bath, OH, you should pay particular attention to the filter. The swimming pool’s filter removes all impurities from the pool including:

·       Dirt

·       Leaves

·       Small toys

·       Debris

·       Dead animals

Empty the filter basket at least once a week. You should also backwash the filter pipes at least once a month. It’s very easy to backwash the filter pipes. Just set the filter to backwash, remove the leaf basket, and clean it out. Then run on the pump until the waste pipe discharges clean water.

Clean The Edges

You should also work on the edges of your pool in Bath, OH. You will need to scrub the edges with a brush to remove limescale and large from the walls and other surfaces. You should use a soft brush for vinyl, tiles, and fiberglass pools. Use a tough brush to clean concrete and plaster pools.

Wash The Roll Deck Cover

Do not forget to clean your pool cover in Bath, OH. Also wash the roller deck with a sponge. This should leave your pool all clean and beautiful.

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