Health Benefits Of Having A Regular Spa Bath

Hydrotherapy is one of the most popular therapeutic practices in our contemporary society. It involves the use of water for pain relief and other health treatments. Swimming pools have always been considered as the most popular water installations in any home. Health-wise, swimming pools offer great cardiovascular benefits due to swimming exercises. Nowadays however, new options are threatening to unseat swimming pools as the choice residential hydrotherapy installation. Bath tubs, spas/hot tubs and Jacuzzis have become quite popular in recent years. You can now purchase any of these appliances from any Akron commercial pool company for indoor or outdoor installation. The main difference between the three installations is that bathtubs are typically designed for use by one person at a time, whereas hot tubs or spas are designed for use by several people at the same time. Jacuzzi is a registered brand or trade name for spas or hot tubs. Nowadays the word spa is usually associated with any commercial establishment that offers spa treatments or medicinal baths and massages at a fee. In this context though, the word spa is used interchangeably with hot tub. There are many health benefits of having a regular spa or hot tub bath and the most important ones are discussed below.


Alleviates Muscle Pains And Aches


The hot water that you soak in during a spa bath helps relax your muscles and joints. It reduces pain if you are injured and calms your limns if you have arthritis. Hot tubs offer hydrotherapy to a tired and battered body and even to sickly joints and limbs.


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Reduces Stress & Anxiety


One of the most popular reasons for soaking in a hot tub or spa is to relax. The warm water relaxes both your physical and mental fatigue. In other words, it alleviates all muscle and joint pains and aches and also to calms your nerves. This is why you always feel refreshed and stress-free after soaking in a spa for some time.


Lowers Blood Pressure


According to medical researchers, you can lower your blood pressure by just sitting in a hot tub. And as you already know, high blood pressure causes heart ailments and hypertension. This means that having a regular spa bath can reduce your risk of suffering heart ailments and hypertension.


Improves Cardiovascular Health


According to medical experts, immersing your body fully in cold or hot water is a sort of cardiovascular exercise routine. You do not even have to work out, just lie there and let the pressure of the water atop your body do the magic. The weight of the water pressing on your body makes your heart work harder just like in regular exercising and thereby increases your cardiac volume.


Full Body Cleanliness


Regular spa baths will help clean your body better. The warm clean water in a hot tub opens up the pores in your skin and dredges out all dirt, toxins and oils trapped underneath. It meals natural body oils and leaves your skin fresh and your body detoxified, which explains the refreshing feeling that you get after a spa bath.


Improves Your Sleep


The hot water in a spa helps your body relax fully. After stepping into a hot tub, your heart increases your body temperature and your muscles relax. Your tense and tired body relaxes fully and you become drowsy. You should never sleep in the spa though, it’s very dangerous — get to bed as soon as you feel sleepy.


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