Five Reasons Why Athletes Should Incorporate Swimming In Their Exercise Routine

A few years back, a press release was published by the United States Masters Swimming League. The composition was published as a reminder to people who led active lifestyles, that swimming can be an effective fitness workout. While this point seems obvious to habitual swimmers, lots of athletes think that pools are simply for summer fun or child’s play.

This assumption could not be any further from the truth. Swimming can benefit anyone from the strongest athlete to a novice bodybuilder. Swimming can be incorporated into your daily summer routine as a primary, secondary, or alternative form of physical fitness. It can easily be used to complement your existing routine.


Builds Lean Muscle


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Swimming helps to build longer, leaner muscles. These muscles will complement your shorter denser muscles that are used during weight training. People who possess long lean muscles are referred to as having swimmer’s muscles. These muscles can help naturally boost metabolism, which will help the body burn calories longer.


Increased Flexibility


Heated pools can help relax sore muscles, while promoting increased flexibility. Many fitness enthusiasts know that after an intense workout, their muscles will be sore. Swimming in a heated pool can help flush toxins out of the body and prevent soreness and tightness in the muscles.  Keep your heated pool in top shape & maintain proper ph levels by hiring Fairlawn pool services.


Build Your Core


Core body strength is extremely important. The core is the center of the body that keeps other muscles and bones properly aligned. Swimming can help you develop core body strength quickly. Swimming forces the body to use all muscles simultaneously. Seventy percent of effort that goes into swimming requires upper body strength.



Swimming boosts cardiovascular capacity, while increasing muscle strength. It gives the muscles a break from their usual high intensity routine. Creating a balanced workout routine helps athletes avoid injuries. It gives the body time to recuperate from harsh workouts that put an immense amount of stress on it. By swimming, your body can relax, but you do not have to forgo your daily workout.


Promotes Weight Loss


There have been many skeptics in the fitness world that believe that swimming does not promote fat loss. Swimming can be an intense exercise, if you choose to make it one. People who strenuously swim to the point that they are out of breath, will elevate their heartrate. With the heartrate elevated, the body will burn calories.

Swimming is one training technique that athletes should incorporate into their workout regimen. While resistance and strength training will help your body build strong muscles, recovery is what helps your body adapt to the changes that it is forgoing. This summer do not neglect your pool.

Swimming is a fun summer activity, but it can be even more if you make it that. Athletes should regularly engage in some type of low-impact workout to condition their bodies. Swimming allows athletes to workout multiple muscle groups at a time, while still promoting a steady calorie burn. Changing your workout routine sporadically will enable you to avoid muscle memory, and continue to build your stature to a state your desire.

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