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4 Ways To Get Healthy While Having Fun

Maintaining a healthy body is not that easy. When you see someone with a toned strong body, it means that he has really been working out. In order to enhance the health and strength of your bodily muscles, you need to stick to strict workout routine. You will need to hit the gym several times in a week. You can also opt to go for those morning jogs before you go to work. These are some of the most basic workout routines and most people find them strenuous and hectic. That is why most of us give up and let our bodies down. The good news is that now there are some fun things that you can do to remain healthy. In other words, you can now shed those extra calories while having fun. Staying healthy does not necessarily mean engaging in dull and strenuous exercises and eating horrible food. You can still maintain a healthy physique while having fun. These are some of the things that you can do to lose weight while enjoying yourself.

Family Playtime

You can plan your day in such a way that you have time left to play with your kids. This does not mean playing board games or telling stories. It means playing outside with your kids. There are very many fun outdoor games that you can play with your family. A simple but very effective game is tossing a frisbee. This game is not strenuous but it will force you to run for several miles without even knowing it. You can also play soccer or football in your backyard with your kids. Family playtime can also include your dog. You can take your dog walking in the park and play with it. You will end up walking and jogging for sometime without even knowing it. It will be a lot of fun and you will still be exercising.


Another fun activity that will keep you super healthy is swimming. You can install your own private pool or you can swim in the indoor swimming pool in a gym. Most modern gyms are now requesting for Akron commercial pool services to have heated indoor swimming pools installed in their facilities. You can join a gym and skip all that weightlifting and tread-milling.  Instead stick to swimming. Swimming is the best cardio. Swimming burns more calories than jogging or biking for the same duration of time. Swimming offers more mental and physical health benefits than all other exercise routines. You will be exercising your whole body when swimming. Swimming relaxes your mind and alleviates stress, depression, and anxiety. You will have a healthier heart and lungs if you swim regularly in your gym’s indoor swimming pool. Visit your local pool store to pick up some water accessories to intensify your workouts.


Dancing is another fun healthy activity. You can go dancing in clubs or you can even turn on your favorite music and shake your body to the rhythm. You might not realize it but you burn a lot of calories when dancing. You can even join a dance class if you do not know how to dance. Dancing is a healthy and fun way of losing weight.

Walking With Friends

Those long walks with friends are really healthy and fun. You can cover long distances without even realizing it. You might be engaging in chitchat and find that you have walked for several miles before turning back. This is a fun way of staying healthy.

4 Reasons To Take Advantage Of Your Hotel’s Indoor Pool

Staying in a hotel or motel alone can be quite boring. For starters, you do not have any friends or relatives to interact with. You are pretty much alone most of the time unless you go dining in the hotel restaurant. And even then you will still be eating alone. The most basic form of entertainment for a hotel guest is watching television programs alone in your room. Humans are not meant to be lonely. You can get really depressed if you spend most of your time alone in your hotel room. Hotel stays can be a lot of fun if you have your family or friends around maybe on a vacation. But even then, you need something to spice up your stay. A hotel with an indoor swimming pool is highly recommendable. Swimming is one of the best ways to work out and relax. Swimming will leave you all relaxed and rejuvenated. The following are some of the main reasons why you should take advantage of that indoor pool in your hotel.

Fun Workout

Swimming is one of the few ways that you can exercise while having fun. Swimming especially recreational swimming is a lot of fun. An early morning swim will leave you all refreshed and ready for your work or chores. A swim in the middle of the day when the sun is sizzling hot will cool you down while still burning your calories. You cannot compare swimming with other workout routines, such as jogging or exercising in the gym. These workout routines leave you are sweaty and uncomfortable. But you will all be refreshed while and after taking a swim in your hotel’s indoor swimming pool. And the good thing about indoor swimming pools is that you can swim in them at any time of the year. Most indoor swimming pools are heated so you can enjoy swimming even in the cold seasons.

Burns More Calories

Swimming burns more calories than most of the other workout routines. Swimming burns more than double the amount of calories burnt when jogging or biking. Swimming is a full body workout routine. You use your legs, shoulders, neck, hands, and every other part of your body to swim. This means that you exercise your whole body when swimming. This is very important to maintain a healthy body.

Healthier Body And Mind

As mentioned above, swimming burns many calories in your body. When you go for a 30-minute swim in the indoor swimming pool in your hotel, you will burn more calories than if you went to the hotel gym. This means that you will maintain a healthy weight and that your heart and lungs will remain healthy. If you ask any company that provides Fairlawn pool services to give one benefit of swimming, they will tell you that it’s good for your physical and mental health. Swimming alleviates stress and counters depression and anxiety.

Cool Down In Hot Weather

When you come back to your hotel room in the middle of the day or in the evening when the temperatures are high, consider taking a swim in the indoor swimming pool. Swimming will not only relax and refresh your body; it will also cool you down.

A Helpful Guide To Pool Products

Do you own a pool or spa? One of the most important parts of pool ownership is keeping the water clean and safe. There are many chemicals and other products that will help you achieve this goal. If you are a new pool owner, you might be wondering which chemicals you should use, and how you should use them. This article will help point you in the right direction. Below, you will find a helpful guide to pool and spa products.

Water Chemistry

Water chemistry is one of the most important aspects of pool upkeep. If the chemical levels in your pool are off even a little bit, there can be many negative consequences to your health, as well as the health of your family and guests. Trust us; you do not want to have to deal with these consequences. That is why we recommend that you have your water tested regularly. If you find that the chemical levels are off, purchase and use the necessary chemicals to restore balance to your pool.


Mechanical Products

There are also several mechanical products that will keep your pool clean and safe. These products include pumps, filters, and robotic pool cleaners. The robotic pool cleaners, also known as “aquabots” are especially useful because they spare you the arduous task of having to clean your pool yourself. All you have to do is put the aquabot in the water and let it do its thing.

Heating Your Pool

Keeping your pool at the right temperature is an important part of pool ownership as well. Unfortunately, this task is much easier said than done. Heating your pool can require a lot of energy, and many pool owners complain that their pool is either too hot or too cold. One way to save money on heating your pool, and get it to the right temperature, is to purchase solar heating equipment. This equipment allows the sun’s rays to heat your pool naturally, and without any big expense.

Where To Purchase Pool Products

At this point, you are likely wondering where you should purchase the chemicals and other products that are needed for fun in the sun. The best place to purchase these products would be a pool service. You can find residential pool services, Fairlawn commercial pool services, or pool services that cater to both residential and commercial pool owners. A good pool service will have all of the products mentioned above. A great pool service will also show you how and when to use them. A pool service is a one-stop shop for all of your pool maintenance needs. A pool service will test the water in your pool so that you will know if it needs chemicals added. A pool service can also add those chemicals for you. A pool service can also install mechanical and heating equipment for you. Finally, a pool service can clean your pool. Even if you have an aquabot, it is still recommended that you give your pool an occasional “deep clean.”

6 Physical & Health Benefits Of Swimming

Swimming is one of the most popular recreational and competitive activities in the world. The most amazing thing about swimming is that anybody can do it. You do not have to be exceptionally talented to be a swimmer. Actually you do not even have to be an adult to enjoy swimming. This is especially so if you are only interested in recreational swimming. Unlike other fitness and exercise routines like running that require great talent and physical body maturity, swimming is for everyone. Actually parents can start teaching their kids how to swim when they are as young as 12 months old.  After taking a few swimming lessons, you can dive into any swimming pool and indulge yourself with this effective fitness regimen. That is why we have over 10.6 million swimming pools in the United States alone. As such, the swimming industry has employed very many people. In Akron, OH, we have very many swimming pool companies servicing private pools and also offering Fairlawn commercial pool services. As a fitness regimen, swimming offers many physical and health benefits. Today we are going to look at the six top health benefits of swimming.

Lowers Blood Pressure And Cholesterol Levels

Swimming is a very effective fitness regimen, which lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels significantly. Many people suffer from high blood pressure compilations and high cholesterol levels. Swimming burns a lot of cardio in the body thereby reducing these problems in the swimmer. In this way, swimming helps to maintain a healthy heart and very health lungs in the body.

Prevents Serious Diseases

As mentioned above, swimming is a very effective cardio routine. This means that you burn lots of calories and lower your cholesterol when swimming. Adopting a regular swimming routine will protect you from serious diseases like stroke, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease or cardiovascular complications.

Weight Check

Swimming is one of the most effective ways of keeping your weight in check. Swimming burns a lot of calories. Actually you can burn up to 360 calories just by swimming for half an hour. And although it depends on your body weight and swimming speed, burning 360 calories in half an hour is almost four times the calories that you burn walking. Swimming burns more calories than running or cycling. As such, if you wish to achieve high levels of fitness and keep your weight under control, swimming is the best solution.

Fairlawn pool serviceBuilds Muscles And Enhances Body Strength

Swimming offers a full body workout. All the muscles of your body are enhanced when you are swimming. Swimming is one of the most intensive exercise routines. It exerts all your muscles, tones your body, and enhances your body strength. There are even swimming pool accessories to help you workout in the water!

General Wellbeing

Swimming relieves stress and offers mental and physical relaxation. Health studies have shown that swimming lowers anxiety and depression, relieves physical and mental stress, and improves sleep patterns thereby enhancing general wellbeing.

Prolongs Your Life

And last but not least, swimming prolongs your life. In addition to protecting you from all the diseases mentioned above and maintaining your health, swimming reduces your biological age. Researchers have reported that swimming can trim your biological age by 10-20 years. And regular swimmers have a 50% lower death rate than runners and people who do not engage in any physical fitness routines.


When And How To Close Your Swimming Pool For The Cold Season

The warm spring and summer months are almost over and it’s time to say goodbye to our swimming pools again. Generally, the warm spring and summer seasons last from April to August. The cold fall/autumn and winter seasons start from mid September up until March. When it comes to swimming pool usage, it’s recommendable that you stick to the warm months. You can, however, continue using your swimming pool past September if the local weather conditions during the fall season are not chilly. Most people in Ohio close their swimming pools at the start of September to keep leaves and other debris from dirtying their pools during the fall season. The early spring season is when most homeowners reopen their swimming pools in preparation for the warm spring and summer months. But now that we are approaching the cold seasons, we are only going to focus on when and how to close your swimming pool. This article is divided into two separate sections; one section will tell you when to close your swimming pool and the other contains tips for closing the swimming pool. Read on to acquire this useful information.

When To Close Your Swimming Pool

There are three main instances when you should close your swimming pool and we will look at each of them below.

Cold Weather

Most homeowners close their swimming pools just before the onset of the cold fall and winter seasons. But if the fall season is not particularly cold, you can continue using your swimming pool until the winter season approaches. This means that you should consider local weather conditions before closing your swimming pool. Freezing temperatures can ruin your swimming pool and make it unusable.

When Not In Use

You should always close your swimming pool when it’s not in use. This does not mean that you should close the pool every time there are no swimmers. But rather you should always leave your swimming pool closed whenever you are way for a significant period of time.

Fall Leaves

To keep fall/autumn leaves from dirtying your pool, close it and await the warm spring and summer months.

How To Close Your Swimming Pool

There are several things that you should do when closing your swimming pool to ensure that it’s done right. Read on to note the most important.

Akron swimming pool servicePrepare The Swimming Pool For Closing

You should start by preparing for the closing of your swimming pool by doing several things. First of all you should clean the pool thoroughly including the filters, pumps, and water pipes. You should also remove all equipment and accessories from the swimming pool and lower the water level. You should also call a reliable Akron pool company to test and balance the water chemistry. The pool company can also help you to shock and chlorinate the pool before closing. You should drain all pool lines and implement antifreeze measures.

Install The Pool Cover

After preparing your swimming pool for closing with the assistance of a professional pool technician, you can now proceed to close it for the cold seasons. If it’s an above ground pool, you may want to start by installing an inflated air pillow in the center of the pool. Now you can finally cover the pool with a winter cover, safety cover, or leaf net.

Why It Makes Sense To Outsource Your Pool Closing Services

Autumn is here, which means that it is time to close your pool (if you haven’t already). Many pool owners dread this process, because it is a lot of work and mistakes can be costly. That is why you should trust the professionals with this important task. Fortunately, there are many Akron pool services that are able to assist you with pool closing. Read below to find out more about why you should outsource your pool closing services, as well as how that process actually works. This article is intended for owners of residential or commercial pools.

Why It Is So Important To Call A Professional

pool winterizing Akron

As we mentioned before, closing a pool is by no means an easy or forgiving process. Mistakes can be quite costly. This is especially true when it comes to winterizing. In colder climates, cold winter temperatures can actually damage the structure of your pool. This is because the cold temperatures cause cracks to form in the foundation of the pool. These cold temperatures also cause pipes to freeze under your pool. All of this leads to very costly repairs, unless your pool is winterized. In order for winterizing to be effective, it must be done properly. This is why we recommend that you call a professional pool service.

Calling The Professionals Saves You Time

Another reason that you should have a professional pool service help you with your fall pool closing is that, if you are like most pool owners, you simply don’t have the time to perform this process yourself. When you call a professional pool service to come out and close your pool, you will be able to free up that time for other activities. And the best thing about working with true professionals is that they will get the job done in no time flat.

What To Look For In A Pool Service

OK, so we have established that professional pool services are the way to go when it comes to closing your pool in the fall. The question still remains: what kind of a pool service should you call? We have a few tips on that as well. You definitely want to work with a trusted pool company that has a reputation for delivering stellar service all of the time. How do you know if the pool company you are looking to hire has a stellar reputation? Check around! You can ask friends and coworkers who have pools what company they would recommend. You can also check online to find a company that has great reviews. While online, look at the pool service’s website. This will help you get a feel for the services that the company provides. It will also help you gauge the pool service’s level of commitment to their customers. A website with the bare minimum of information will also provide bare minimum service. A website with blog posts, tips, and hints – however – reflects a company that is passionate about what they do.

5 Water Conservation Tips For Your Swimming Pool

Swimming pools are some of the most popular and fun installations in the home. According to industry reports, swimming is the favorite recreational activity for kids and teenagers aged between 7 and 17 in the United States. This indicates how much we all love swimming as a recreational and even competitive activity. The main reason why swimming is much popular is because it offers many physical and health benefits. For instance, swimming is a great form of cardiovascular routine that burns many calories in a very short time. This means that swimming is one of the most effective fitness routines for weight control. Swimming also helps to lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure levels in the body thereby preventing serious diseases like high blood pressure, stroke, and heart diseases. Physically, swimming is very relaxing. It offers a full body workout that promotes muscular growth and enhances body strength. Swimming also reduces anxiety and depression, lowers stress levels, and improves sleep patterns. All these important benefits of swimming have led to the installation of over 10.6 million swimming pools in the United States. But although swimming pools are so much fun, they consume a lot of water. That is why we have compiled the following water conservation tips for your private or public swimming pool.

pools-akronCover The Pool When Not In Use

In order to prevent unnecessary water loss through evaporation, you should always cover your swimming pool when it’s not in use. Covering your swimming pool is a pretty simple job but it prevents up to 95% of evaporation in your swimming pool. You should also close your pool when you are not around and during the cold seasons to prevent water loss and pool damage. You can call any local pool company that offers Akron pool closing and opening services to close your pool before you go on vacation or before the cold fall and winter months.

Avoid Filter Backwash

You need to backwash your pool filters from time to time in order to maintain a clean swimming pool. But although this is a very important care and maintenance practice, it shouldn’t be done very frequently. This is because backwashing consumes a lot of water. You should backwash your pool filters once in awhile, not every week.

Avoid Regular Pool Draining

Most pool owners think that the most effective way of cleaning a swimming pool is by draining all the water and then refilling it with fresh water. You can clean your swimming pool very effectively using the pool filters and chemical solutions without draining it.

Prevent And Fix All Water Leaks

You should identify all potential leaks in your swimming pool and fix them before they happen. And if the leaks occur, you should call a reliable swimming pool technician to fix them as soon as possible.

Use The Pool Responsibly

All swimmers should adopt responsible swimming habits when in the pool. They should avoid splashing the water on the deck when in the pool or cannon-balling all the time. You should also ensure that the water level in your swimming pool is okay. Do not overfill the pool to avoid water wastage through displacement.


Closing Your Swimming Pool For The Season

Summer is starting to wind down, which means that, before you know it, it will be time to close your swimming pool for the season. This is a much more involved process than many new pool owners think, as there are many steps involved with closing (and opening) a swimming pool. If you are wondering what these steps are, read further. This article will highlight the basics involved with closing a pool for the season. Note that all of the steps mentioned below are for an in-ground pool, not an above-ground pool.


Clean Your Pool Before Closing It

The first step of getting your pool ready to be closed for the fall and winter is to clean it thoroughly. This may seem like an obvious step, but unfortunately, it is a step that all too many pool owners neglect. Cleaning your pool before closing it will help prevent insects, plant matter, and debris from simmering in your pool for months. It will also mean less work for you when you go to open your pool again—which means you can start swimming sooner!

Akron pool cleaning

Maintain Your Pool’s Chemical Balance Before Closing It

Related to cleaning your pool before closing, you also want to make sure that you have the proper chemical balance in your pool before you close it. This will also help ensure that the water in your pool stays clean throughout the long fall and winter months. We recommend having your water tested before adding chemicals. A Fairlawn swimming pool company will be able to test your water and supply the chemicals that you need to keep your water fresh throughout the winter.

Remove All Equipment

It is also important that you clear the pool of all equipment and accessories before closing it. This includes the pool ladders, baskets, wall fittings, and other related items in your pool.

Backwash And Clean The Filter/Pump, Blow Out The Lines

When getting your pool ready for the winter, you also need to pay attention to the filter, pump, and lines. Doing so will prevent additional debris from entering your pool throughout the fall and winter. This, unfortunately, is another step that many pool owners neglect. Lubricating your system is also recommended before closing.  It is best to have your pool serviced by professionals before closing, or have them perform maintenance and the closing themselves.

Lower The Water Level In Your Pool

The water level in your pool will also need to be lowered before you close it. Check the manufacturer’s instructions to see what level your pool needs to be at for the winter. Contrary to popular belief, most pools do not need to be drained completely. In fact, doing so can actually harm your pool, as an empty pool is more prone to cracking in cold weather.

If In Doubt, Call A Professional

If any of these tasks seem too difficult or time-consuming for you, we recommend that you get in touch with a professional pool service. A pool company can quickly perform all of the steps necessary to close your pool. This will give you the added benefit of knowing that your pool was closed the right way, and will be ready to use again in a few months.

Your Guide To Commercial Pool Ownership

If you are opening a pool as part of a commercial business or other similar institution, you should know that the situation is a little different than owning a residential pool. For one thing, the stakes are higher, since you will be dealing with the general public. In addition to that, there are other factors that you will need to account for if you are operating a commercial pool. Knowing what these factors are, and how you should deal with them, will help you find success as a commercial pool owner. To learn more about owning a commercial pool, continue reading below.

Safety Is Of The Utmost Importance

Akron pool repairs

Of course, safety should be your number one priority if you own a commercial pool. To be sure, it should also be your number one priority if you own a residential pool. That being said, if you own a commercial pool, there will be more safety issues for you to deal with, since your pool will (ideally) be used by so many people. You also open yourself up to a greater risk of lawsuits when you own and operate a commercial pool, as opposed to a residential one. Signs should be clearly marked and legible. You should also make sure that a lifeguard or supervisor is on duty at all times. This will help protect swimmers who are using your pool, while also protecting you from costly lawsuits.

Maintain The Proper Chemical Balance

Maintaining the proper chemical balance in your pool is essential for water quality and swimmer safety. This is why we recommend having your water tested regularly. Testing the chemical content of your water is a difficult task that requires a certain expertise. This is why we recommend you have an Akron swimming pool company test your water for you. Swimming pool companies have expert knowledge and cutting edge technology that allows them to test your water quickly and accurately. If you find that additional chemicals are needed, you can purchase those chemicals directly from the swimming pool company.

Keep Current With All Swimming Pool Repairs

A swimming pool company can also help you with any repairs that are needed. Find a pool company that provides commercial swimming pool services, in addition to residential service. If you own a commercial swimming pool, then you will certainly need to have repairs made at some point. At the very least, you should have your pool inspected every season. Concrete pools are prone to cracking, vinyl pools are prone to tears in the lining, and fiberglass pools are prone to discoloration. Have any minor repairs made before they become major repairs. Major repairs can be extremely detrimental to your business.

Opening And Closing Your Pool

You will also need to open and close your commercial swimming pool with each season. This is a much more complicated task than simply covering and uncovering your pool. We definitely recommend that you work with a commercial pool company to accomplish this task as well.

Pool Repair 101

Pool ownership, of course, has many great benefits, especially on scorching summer days. With pool ownership, though, comes the responsibility of performing pool maintenance and repairs. No matter what type of pool you have, it will need repairs over the course of its life. This is simply part of owning a pool. Repairing a pool does not have to be a huge hassle though, especially if you know the ins and outs of pool repair. If you are unfamiliar with the basics of pool repair, continue reading below. This article will serve as a helpful guide to pool repair.

Akron pool repair

Different Materials Will Require Different Repairs

There are 3 main types of swimming pool materials: concrete, vinyl, and fiberglass. The types of repairs that your pool will end up needing will depend, in part, on which of these materials your pool is comprised of. For instance, fiberglass is a very strong material that doesn’t easily break. That being said, fiberglass pools are prone to discoloration and need to be washed from time to time. Concrete pools, on the other hand, are not prone to discoloration but can crack, especially in winter. A major crack in the concrete might necessitate repairs. We recommend having minor cracks repaired as soon as they are detected, so that they do not become major cracks. Vinyl pools can suffer tears in the lining. A small tear can be easily repaired, while a larger tear might mean replacing the lining. Luckily, it is much cheaper to replace vinyl lining than it is to replace concrete.

Repairing Pumps And Filters

If your pump and/or filter are not working, there could be a variety of causes. Some of these causes are easy fixes. For example, the issue could be as simple as a clogged hose or improper chemical treatment. If the problem seems more complicated, or you cannot identify what is causing your pump/filtration problems, we recommend that you call a Fairlawn pool company to come out and take a look at the issue. A pool company will be able to diagnose and repair your pump or filter problem in no time.

What To Look For In A Pool Company

A major part of pool repair know-how is knowing who to call if there is a problem with your pool. There are many factors that you should consider, if you are thinking of calling a pool repair company. For one, you want to work with a pool company who has a reputation for great customer service. In other words, you want to find a pool company who will treat you like family. Of course, the quality of work is important as well. This is why you want to find a pool repair company who also has a reputation for working quickly and effectively; a company that can get to the root problem and fix it right the first time. The best guarantee here is experience. Look for a company that has decades of experience in the pool repair industry.