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4 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Professional To Open And Close Your Swimming Pool In Fairlawn, OH

Opening And Closing Your Swimming Pool In Fairlawn, OH

Fairlawn, OH has had a fun and exciting spring and summer seasons. During these warm and sunny months, many people in this area have really enjoyed their favorite recreational activity, which is swimming. Now that the summer season is almost over in Fairlawn, OH, people are preparing to close their pools before the chilly fall and winter seasons set in. You can still leave your pool open for a few more weeks if the fall season is not too chilly. But you will definitely have to close it before the start of the winter season. Closing a swimming pool before the start of the cold season is called winterizing the pool.

Bath pool services

Contrary to popular belief or thought, closing a swimming pool is not easy; same case with opening a swimming pool. Some people think that you just need to spread a tarp on the surface of your pool in Fairlawn, OH and then you are all set. This is not the case. Unless you know what you are doing and you are armed with a high-quality safety cover, you should not attempt to close your pool on your own. Hire a professional to close and later open your pool properly. Eastern Pools provides professional Fairlawn pool closing and opening services at an affordable rate. Here are a few reasons why you should hire a professional to close your pool before winter and open it before spring in Fairlawn, OH.

To Prevent Shell Damage

All swimming pools in Fairlawn, OH should be covered properly before the start of the cold season. You can attempt to close your pool on your own but you might end up doing a lot of damage. If you do not close your pool properly, you will expose various parts of the pool to the harsh winter weather. The most delicate part, in this case, is the shell. The shell of the pool will get cracks and damaged if water freezes and thaws repeatedly during the cold season. Fixing a broken shell will cost you a fortune when the spring season starts next year. It is best to hire professional Fairlawn pool closing technicians to do the job properly.

To Prevent Damage To The Pool Lines

The pool lines are also susceptible to serious damage if the pool is not closed properly. All the pool lines should be blown out and plugged before the pool I closed for winter. These lines will crack and leak if they freeze during the cold season. You also have to make sure that the water in the pool remains below the skimmers. Some pools will crumble and others pop out of the ground if they are closed without any water.

To Maintain The Water Chemistry

The water in your pool in Fairlawn, OH should also be maintained at the right chemistry. Maintaining the right pH is very important during the cold season. A higher pH helps counter the effects of acid rain (snow). Maintaining the water chemistry will also prevent algae growth in your pool in Fairlawn, OH.

To Keep Off Leaves And Other Debris

A safety cover will protect your pool in Fairlawn, OH from all of the following things:

·       Leaves

·       Sticks

·       Dust

·       Other debris

·       Animals

·       Young kids

A properly installed safety cover will keep your pool clean and also enhance safety in the pool.

8 Amazing Pool Accessories That You Must Have In Akron, OH

How To Make Akron, OH Swimming Pools Super Fun

Akron, OH has some of the best swimming pools in the country. People living in the Buckeye State really love their swimming pools. And considering that we are now in the warm summer season, swimming is one of the most popular sports at present. Swimming is one of the most favorite recreational activities in Akron, OH. There are very many reasons why people love swimming including:

·       It’s super fun and enjoyable

·       All around workout

·       It’s for everyone including the old, sick, and kids

·       Improves coordination

·       Improves posture

·       Cooling and refreshing

·       Builds confidence and raises self-esteem

·       Weight loss

·       Muscle building

·       Relieves stress

·       Fun sport and competition

·       Boost the immune system

Akron swimming pool serviceThese are some of the main reasons why you should put up a swimming pool in Akron, OH. But installing a swimming pool is not enough. You need to add various accessories to make your swimming pool more fun. Swimming pools are not only meant for swimming. They are also relaxing places where you can just float around and enjoy yourself. When the sun is hot and you need to relax, you should have all the necessary resources to enjoy your swimming pool without necessarily having to swim. Eastern Pools, Inc offers all kinds of Akron pool accessories. The Ohio-based pool and spa company sells all kinds of swimming pool accessories. Today we are going to look as some of the most amazing swimming pool accessories that can make your pool in Akron, OH super fun. More can be seen about accessories and fun at

Fun Floats For You

There are all kinds of fun swimming pool floats on sale in Akron, OH. You cannot really enjoy your swimming pool to the maximum without these floats. You need these floats to help you relax in the water even without having to swim at all.

Fun Floats For Pets

We also have swimming pool floats for pets in Akron, OH. These are amazing accessories that enable our pets to relax in the water with us. You can now relax in your swimming pool with your dog on a sunny afternoon without having to swim at all.

Floating Speakers

Who said that you cannot enjoy some fine music when you are in your swimming pool in Akron, OH? We now have waterproof floating speakers that you can have in your swimming pool. These speakers come in many different models but they all have super cool features.

Volleyball Net

You can also enjoy a nice game of volleyball in your swimming pool if you install a floating volleyball net. This is one of the best accessories for your swimming pool in Akron, OH.

Floating Pool Lounge

For true comfort in your swimming pool in Akron, OH, buy a floating pool lounge. You can lie down on the lounge and enjoy your favorite drink on a hot day.

Floating Aqua Table

If you want to enjoy a truly amazing time in your swimming pool, get a floating aqua table. You can share the table with several friends or family members and even play board games.

Inflatable Cooler

When the sun is hot and you are lounging in your swimming pool, you really need a cold drink. A floating cooler will do the trick.


And because you do not want to get all sun-burnt while lounging in your swimming pool, you should buy a pool umbrella for the shade.

Proper Pool Maintenance In Fairlawn, OH

How To Take Good Care Of Your Swimming Pool In Fairlawn, OH

Fairlawn, OH has opened its pools for the 2019 swim season. Local pool companies provide pool opening services at the start of the spring season and pool closing services at the start of the winter season. These pool companies also provide pool installation services. They can build any type of swimming pool for you in Fairlawn, OH. You can also request professional pool repair and renovation services in the city and its suburbs. All these professional pool services are offered as part of proper pool care and maintenance. Pool maintenance entails many things. Regular pool cleaning is one of the most important pool maintenance activities in Fairlawn, OH.  Today we are going to look at various pool maintenance activities that are done in Fairlawn, OH.

Regular And Proper Pool Cleaning

It’s very important that you clean your swimming pool regularly and properly in Fairlawn, OH. Pool cleaning is a comprehensive process that continues every day. There are some cleaning activities that you should do on a daily basis. Other cleaning processes are done weekly. And there are still other cleaning activities that are done on a monthly basis. You can clean your swimming pool on your own or you can hire a professional Fairlawn swimming pool company to clean it for you. There are very many things that you do when cleaning your swimming pool in Fairlawn, OH including:Akron pool repair

·       Skimming the surface to remove leaves and other debris

·       Using tennis balls to remove suntan lotions, makeup, body oils, and hair product

·       Power/pressure washing the deck

·       Brushing the edges to remove limescale and algae

·       Scrubbing the liner with pumice

·       Vacuum cleaning the swimming pool

You should clean your pool thoroughly once every week in Fairlawn, OH. But it’s advisable that you skim the surface to remove all leaves and other floating debris every day.

Pay Attention To The Filter

One of the most important parts of a swimming pool is the filter. The filter removes all impurities from the pool. The filter basket collects all kinds of debris including leaves, dirt, twigs etc. You should remove the filter basket and clean it out every week. You should then backwash the filter every month to ensure that it’s in excellent condition.

Balance The Chemical Levels

Chemicals are very important in a swimming pool. Several chemicals are used in a typical swimming pool in Fairlawn, OH. They help kill bacteria, germs, and other contaminants that can affect your health when you are swimming. But in order to make sure that these chemicals are working properly, the right balance must be maintained. You should have the water in your swimming pool tested regularly by a reliable pool company like Eastern Pools to determine the chemical balance. Your main concern should be chlorine, cyanuric acid, and elements like calcium. The perfect pH, alkalinity, and acidity levels should be maintained at all times. Their reviews can be seen at

Shock Your Pool

If your pool starts to get murkier and to get that nasty chlorine odor, you should shock it by adding a large quantity of chlorine. This will kill the chloramines, bacteria, and other contaminants in the pool and solve this problem for you. Speak to a pool professional about the proper way to do this, what exactly to use, and how much to add, depending on the size of your pool.

Pool Services In Bath, OH That Can Simplify Your Life

Pool Companies In Bath, OH Provide The Following Services And More

Bath, OH has well maintained pools all ready for the spring and summer swim season. There are a few dedicated pool companies in the city that provide various professional pool services to the residents of Bath, OH. Some of these companies also provide Bath pool services to commercial and corporate pool owners in the city. It’s very easy to access professional pool services in Bath, OH. You just need to identify the most reputable pool companies in the city and then visit their websites to check out their service offerings. And you can now use the internet to search for the most reputable pool company in this city. You just need to do a background search to see the company with the most positive reviews and highest number of 5-star ratings. Visit the company’s website to see their pool services and to get their contact information. You can then discuss your pool needs. You can get all kinds of pool services in Bath, OH. Here are some of the most basic pool services that you can request in the city.

Pool Installation, Repair, And Renovation

Established pool companies like Easter Pools in Norton, OH install new private pools in people’s homes. They also install public and commercial pools in hotels and restaurants, competition arenas, country clubs, spas, schools, and many other public pools. They can alos be found at

Professional pool companies in Bath, OH also handle the repair and renovation of all damaged swimming pools. This includes the repair of various swimming pool parts like filters, pumps, liners, heaters etc. They also repair the plaster and paint the pools. You just need to make the call the pool company will send a team of technicians to repair and renovate your swimming pool.

Professional Pool Cleaning Services

You can request professional pool cleaning services in Bath, OH. Instead of spending a lot of your time and energy cleaning your pool, hire a professional pool company to do the work for you. They will clean your swimming pool properly and thoroughly by doing the following:

  • Vacuum cleaning the pool
  • Emptying and cleaning out the filter basket
  • Backwashing the filter
  • Skimming the pool surface for leaves and other debris
  • Scrubbing the pool edges
  • Washing the pool cover
  • Cleaning the roller deck
  • Testing and balancing the chemicals
  • Shocking the pool
  • Refreshing the waterpools-akron

As you can see, you will be getting more than just routine pool cleaning. It’s a whole pool maintenance service package offered as just pool cleaning services.

Pool Opening And Closing Services

Following the long cold winter season, people in Bath, OH are now enjoying their pools again. The pools were opened just before the start of the spring season. They will remain open until the summer season ends. The pools will then be closed again in late fall. Professional pool opening and closing services are available in Bath, OH. The opening services include uncovering the pool, cleaning it, filling it, testing it, and leaving it perfect condition. They can also store your winter pool cover for you.


Important Pool Cleaning Tips For Bath, OH

Maintaining A Clean Swimming Pool In Bath, OH

Bath, OH has some of the cleanest swimming pools in the country. And it’s all because the city does regular and proper pool cleaning. Pool cleaning is one of the most important pool maintenance activities. The frequency or the number of times that you should clean your pool depends on pool use. But its generally recommended that you clean your pool at least once per week in Bath, OH. This will ensure that you remove all the leaves, debris, and even clean all the other critical areas every week thereby maintaining a pristine swimming pool in your compound. You can do the cleaning on your own or you can request Bath pool cleaning services from a professional pool company.

Hiring a professional pool company, like Eastern Pools, is highly convenient for you because pool cleaning can be quite tedious and time consuming. You will also be assured that your swimming pool will be cleaned properly and thoroughly and all the chemicals balanced as part of the professional pool maintenance services. You should especially have it cleaned thoroughly, maintenance performed, and water balanced upon opening the pool. Whether you decide to clean your own pool in Bath, OH or to have it cleaned by a pro, you should always observe the following tips.

Vacuum The Pool

As part of the cleaning procedure, you should make sure that you vacuum your swimming pool properly to remove all dirt particles. You can use a manual vacuum for the job or install an automatic model. The manual vacuum is far much cheaper than an automatic vacuum in Bath, OH. The automatic cleaner does all the work for you meaning that it’s very convenient.

Akron pool cleaning

Skim The Leaves

This is the most basic or routine pool cleaning activity In Bath, OH. You should skim the surface of your pool with a skimmer daily to remove all:

·       Leaves and twigs

·       Bugs and insects

·       Pollen

·       Other floating debris

If you do not have pool cover, you should skim the pool daily. And even if you have a pool cover, you should skim the surface whenever you remove the cover.

Clean The Filter

When cleaning your pool in Bath, OH, you should pay particular attention to the filter. The swimming pool’s filter removes all impurities from the pool including:

·       Dirt

·       Leaves

·       Small toys

·       Debris

·       Dead animals

Empty the filter basket at least once a week. You should also backwash the filter pipes at least once a month. It’s very easy to backwash the filter pipes. Just set the filter to backwash, remove the leaf basket, and clean it out. Then run on the pump until the waste pipe discharges clean water.

Clean The Edges

You should also work on the edges of your pool in Bath, OH. You will need to scrub the edges with a brush to remove limescale and large from the walls and other surfaces. You should use a soft brush for vinyl, tiles, and fiberglass pools. Use a tough brush to clean concrete and plaster pools.

Wash The Roll Deck Cover

Do not forget to clean your pool cover in Bath, OH. Also wash the roller deck with a sponge. This should leave your pool all clean and beautiful.

How To Open Your Pool For The Summer: A Helpful Guide

Now that we are into the month of April, it is time to gear up for the best season of the year: pool season! Not so fast though; there is one very important step that needs to be done first. That’s right, you need to go through the process of opening your pool. If you are a new pool owner who has never opened a pool before, you need to know that the process is more involved than simply rolling back the pool cover and diving in. But not to worry, we will provide some helpful tips on how to open your pool for the summer. And just so we are all on the same page, we should mention that the tips in this article apply to both “above ground” and “in ground” pools.

Removing The Cover

Of course, you need to take the cover off before you can jump in the pool, but removing the cover is a more involved process than you might think. After removing the cover, you should clean and dry it. The pool cover should only be stored when it is clean and dry. Storing a wet, dirty pool cover will allow mold and mildew to accumulate while the pool cover is in storage. This will result in an unpleasant pool closing in the fall. Reputable pool companies can handle the cleaning and storing for you.

Reattach Your Deck Equipment

If you need to attach or reattach deck equipment – such as ladders and diving boards – to the outside of your pool, now is the time to do so. It is also the time to make sure that such equipment is securely attached to your pool. This means double checking to make sure that the ladders are properly fastened, and inspecting the bolts on your diving board (if you have one) to make sure that it is tight. The safety of you and your family depends on it.

Check The Chemical Levels In Your Water

In order to make sure that your pool stays clean at the start of the swimming season, you will need to add the proper chemicals (such as chlorine) to your water. Before doing that, however, you will need to have your water tested. A pool company will be able to examine the chemical levels in your pool, using sophisticated technology. They will also be able to add chemicals as needed, so that your pool will be ready to go.pool services Fairlawn

Contact A Pool Company

There are several other steps involved with opening a pool. These steps include (but are not limited to):

  • Checking the pump
  • Cleaning the pool
  • Clearing the hoses
  • Clearing and checking the pool’s filter

Frankly, this whole process can be quite time-consuming and overwhelming. This is why we recommend outsourcing all of the pool opening functions to a Fairlawn pool opening company. A pool opening company will be able to have your pool up and running in no time. This company will also be able to maintain your pool throughout the summer, and even close it in the winter.

How To Attract More People To Your Swimming Pool

Are you looking for ways to attract more people to your public swimming pool this summer? Well look no further! This article will offer several tips that will be sure to bring in the customers this summer. Read below to find out more.

Make Sure Your Pool Is Properly Maintained

Unfortunately, we have all been to public pools that were not maintained properly. Perhaps the water was a little too “cluttered.” Perhaps you have been to a pool where too much chlorine was added, making for a very unpleasant swimming experience. Such pools don’t typically last long before closing up—for good. This is why proper pool maintenance is so important. Find an Akron swimming pool company that can maintain your pool all summer long. It is also important to find a pool company that can close your pool at the end of summer, and ensure that it will function properly when it is time to reopen. We recommend finding a company that will even go the extra mile and test the chemical levels in your water.

Add A Waterslide

You could also increase your business by doing something as simple as adding a fun fixture to your pool. Waterslides are a popular choice. They are safe, and a huge hit for the whole family. With a new waterslide, your public pool will surely be the talk of the town. Search the internet to find a company that specializes in fixtures such as water slides.

Add Pool Toys

Akron swimming pool serviceAt just about any public pool you can find, the vast majority of guests are children and families. This is why it is important to buy some family-friendly pool toys that can make the swimming experience more fun. Pool toys could include:

  1. Rafts
  2. Inner Tubes
  3. Beach balls
  4. Squirt guns
  5. Inflatable toys

Your local pool company should be able to provide you with some great pool toys as well.

Host An Event

One great way to get your community to notice your pool is to host an event. This will really get people interested in coming to your public pool. One popular event that has worked for public pools in the past is – believe it or not – a movie screening. That’s right—a “swim in” movie! You could rent a projector and screen and encourage people to watch from their favorite raft. Themed pool parties – such as luaus and “beach” parties – will also provide a fun way to reach families in your community.

Offer Discounts

For most people, the number one obstacle to pool membership is the price—many people simply find it too expensive. That is why many public pools offer discounts, on both membership and single day admission. Offering incentives, like group discounts and guest passes can also be a great way to convince people to come to your pool. And if you do decide to offer discounts and promotions, do not forget to advertise them locally!

How To Make Sure That Your Pool Stays Clean

One of the most important parts of pool ownership is pool cleaning. Keeping your pool clean will ensure that it lasts longer, while also ensuring a safer swimming experience for you and your family. Keeping your pool clean does require diligence on your part, as well as basic knowledge of how a pool works. This article will explain that process further. Read below for some helpful pool cleaning tips.

Tip 1: Pay Attention To Your Pool’s Filter

Without the proper attention, your pool’s filter can easily become backed up, which will result in unpleasant debris floating in your pool. In extreme cases, a severe backup can even cause your filter to explode! This is why it is important to backwash your filter regularly—ideally once a week. This simple process will remove all of the dirt and debris from your pool’s filter, so that it functions properly.

Tip 2: Buy A Skimming Net, And Use It

Akron pool repairIf you ask pool owners what their pool’s number one enemy is, most will give you the same answer: leaves. Leaves seem to fall into your pool from places you didn’t even expect. This poses a huge problem. Not only is it unpleasant to swim in a pool that is full of leaves; leaves can adversely affect the quality of your water! This is because leaves absorb much of the chlorine that is meant to keep your pool clean. This is why you should buy a pool skimmer and use it regularly. Check for leaves every morning, and remove them if necessary. This process will not take longer than a few minutes, and will keep the leaves from building up in your pool. This will make for a more pleasant swimming experience, and will allow the chlorine to do its job.

Tip 3: Have Your Pool Tested

It may be tempting to dump a bunch of chemicals into your pool in order to ensure that it stays clean. Trust us, this is a mistake that many new pool owners make. But there is such a thing as having too many chemicals in your pool. Having too many chemicals in your pool is as harmful as not having enough. The important thing is balance. That is why you should have your pool’s water tested before adding any chemicals. Find a pool company in your area that provides sophisticated, computerized water testing. This will ensure that your pool’s chemical levels are in perfect harmony.

Tip 4: Outsource Your Pool Cleaning

Speaking of pool companies, we highly recommend finding an Akron pool cleaning company to do the cleaning for you. This way, you will not have to worry about any of the steps mentioned above. A pool company can help keep your pool clean as a whistle throughout the summer. This truly is a “no fuss” solution. Find an experienced pool company that provides affordable and dedicated pool cleaning services in your area. You will be glad you did.

5 Things You Need To Know About The Water In Your Swimming Pool

Swimming pools are used for many different purposes. But most people use their pools for swimming. Some people enjoy lounging on floaters in their swimming pools. Other people play various games in their swimming pools. The most recommendable use of a pool is swimming. Swimming is a great way to burn those extra calories and keep your mental and physical body in great shape. As you very well know, water is one of the most important things in your swimming pool. It keeps you buoyant and enables you to swim. But as you can expect, the water in your swimming pool is not all that clean and definitely not safe for drinking. Whether it’s your private indoor or outdoor swimming pool in your home, or that public pool where everyone in the community goes swimming, the water is all quite dirty and contaminated.  The good news is that these contaminants pose little danger to our exterior bodies. But this cannot be said about our digestive system. That is why you should never attempt to drink pool water. Here’s a list of all the things that you will ingest if you drink your pool water.

It Contains Many Chemicals

Swimming pools are treated with many different chemicals to kill germs, pathogens, and other microorganisms that can harm you. The most popular of these chemicals is chlorine. Administered as calcium hypochlorite in solid form or sodium hypochlorite in liquid form, chlorine reacts with water to form hypochlorous acid. This is the chemical that does all the killing in your swimming pool and it’s very dangerous if consumed. Some pools are treated with bromide and it works just like chlorine but it’s equally unsafe for human consumption. Cyanuric acid is used to stabilize pool sanitizers like chlorine or bromide. It’s very dangerous if ingested.  Proper water testing is essential for maintaining a safe swimming environment.

pool services FairlawnAnother chemical that comes from a different source is ammonia. We produce ammonia from our bodies in our sweat and urine. Ammonia is also produced by any biodegradable or organic materials, fertilizers, body lotions, creams, sunscreen etc. Ammonia combines with hypochlorous acid to produce chloramines which are not safe for human ingestion.

Full Of Human Skin Cells

Swimming pools are full of human skin cells and other contaminants. We shed skin cells, mucus, sweat, and other waste products when swimming. This makes pool water highly contaminated and unsuitable for drinking.

It Has Human And Animal Waste

If your pool is not permanently covered, animal waste, bird waste, and even human waste could find itself inside the water. This makes the water dirty and unsuitable for human consumption.

Lots Of Debris

Leaves, twigs, and other debris all end up in your pool. That is why you need professional Akron pool cleaning services to sanitize your pool, which is often best combined with your own cleaning routine to remove all this debris from your swimming pool.

Insects And Plant Forms

There are very many insects that fly into your swimming pool. And very many plant forms and microorganisms that end up in your swimming pool. The point is, never drink the water in your swimming pool.

Advantages Of Having A Heated Swimming Pool At Home

There are very many types of swimming pools today including above ground pools, below ground pools, portable swimming pools, outdoor pools, indoor swimming pools, and even heated swimming pools among many others. People prefer different types of pools for one reason or another. Some of these types of swimming pools are very functional and convenient. A good example of such a swimming pool is the heated model. Heated swimming pools are becoming very popular in the United States. This is mainly because they offer many functional benefits than conventional cold water swimming pools. But you will have to spend a little bit more installing this type of swimming pool to enjoy these additional benefits. As the name implies, heated swimming pools offer water at all temperatures. In other words, you can regulate the temperature of the water in a heated pool to the desired level. Let us now look at some of the advantages of installing a heated swimming pool.

Fulltime Access

indoor pool AkronHeated swimming pools can be installed both indoors and outdoors. Most indoor swimming pools are heated. The main advantage of owning a heated swimming pool is that you can enjoy it any time you want. You can swim during the day or at night when the temperatures are chilly. You can also use the pool all year round. Most outdoor swimming pools are now closed for the winter season. They will not be opened until the spring season kicks in. This is very inconvenient for those wishing to splash around. During the cold winter season, you can turn up the temperature of the water in your heated swimming pool and enjoy a swim. Even when the temperatures are chilly in the evenings, you can just adjust the controls and go swimming. This is what we call getting real value for your money.

Multiple Health Benefits

Swimming in warm or heated water offers multiple health benefits. This is in addition to the regular or ordinary heath benefits offered by swimming in cold water. For instance, you will still get to exercise the whole body, to burn those extra calories, and to relax. But warm water offers additional therapeutic benefits. It increases blood circulation in the body thereby relaxing all your muscles and body parts. It also relieves arthritic pains in the joints. Warm water also exfoliates the skin and removes all those sweats and oils on the skin pores leaving you fresh and relaxed. It also relieves mental stress and ensures more comfort in your workout. Remember that you risk getting various respiratory illnesses when swimming in cold water, especially during the cold season or in chilly weather. You do not have to worry about such things when you have a heated swimming pool.

No Seasonal Damages

Cold water pools risk serious damages during the cold season. That is why you always call a reliable Akron pool company to close your pool before the winter season starts and to reopen it again when the spring season starts. The cold season can cause water to freeze and damage your pool plumbing system. This is not a problem for indoor heated pools because they are always heated to the right temperature.

Increases Home Value

Needless to say, a heated pool will increase the value of your home and may make it more desirable in the housing market.  It’s a great investment that can earn a good return.