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Rainy Day Fun For The Spring

When spring arrives, it is like a breath of fresh air. The long winter is over, and we finally have the chance to do some fun outdoor activities. Unfortunately, in many parts of the country, spring can be quite rainy—especially the early spring. That should not stop you from having a good time though. This article will focus on some fun indoor activities that you can do on rainy spring days. Many of these activities will be fun for the whole family. Read below to find out more.

Have A Movie Marathon

One surefire way to beat the rainy day blues is to have a movie marathon. There are many streaming services that will allow you to easily watch all of the movies your heart desires, directly on your Smart TV or computer. If you do not have access to such a service, the library is a great place to pick up DVDs. Alternatively, spending a rainy day at the movie theater is also great fun.

Go To The Library

Speaking of libraries, a rainy day is the perfect time to visit your local library. Indeed, you will be able to find many great books for you and your kids to read, but libraries offer much more than that. These days, most libraries offer children’s programming, music that you can listen to, spaces where you can design and create, and perhaps even board games and video games. When you go to the library, the rainy day will seem to fly by.

Go To An Indoor Pool/Spa

OK, so you may not be able to swim in your favorite outdoor pool on a rainy spring day, but you can still have a fun day at the pool. All you need to do is take the swimming indoors, by going to an indoor pool or spa. Look for a health club or indoor swimming center near you. Don’t forget that an indoor spa can be great, relaxing fun as well. Rent a room at a hotel with an indoor pool and splash your day away. Stop at the pool store and get some floats and pool toys to have even more fun.  A local swimming pool company that handles Akron spa repairs can recommend a nice place to swim indoors if you are unsure.

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Have A Bake Off

Spending a rainy day at home with the kids is a great excuse to do some serious baking. If you do have kids, we recommend baking something that you can add fun decorations to. Here are some fun things to bake on your rainy day:

  • Sugar Cookies
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Cupcakes
  • Brownies

Baking will give your kids plenty of messy, educational fun. And when you are done, you will (hopefully) have something delicious to eat.

Make Something

Looking for another way to pass the time on a rainy day? We recommend making something artistic. This could include painting a picture, making a Play-Do sculpture, building something out of Legos, or even making a collage or scrapbook. Really, the possibilities are endless. Rainy days allow you and your family to get in touch with your inner artist.

Spa Maintenance 101

Did you recently purchase a new spa? Now that winter is here, it is finally time to use it. A spa will provide you with hours of fun and relaxation on chilly winter nights. In fact, it may even help you forget about summer altogether! But in order to get the most out of your spa, you need to treat it right. If you are a new spa owner, this article is for you. Read below to find out more about how you can properly take care of your spa—and get the most enjoyment out of it in the winter season.

Clean Your Spa On A Regular Basis

Bath hot tub repairsIf you own a pool, you know how important it is to clean it regularly. The same principle applies to spas. If you fail to clean your spa on a regular basis, it can become quite the nasty mess. Bacteria, scum, debris, and even dead animals can make for a very unpleasant (not to mention unsanitary) spa experience. It is also important to keep your spa filters clean, to prevent a buildup of debris. We recommend cleaning your spa on weekly basis, with a sponge and some white wine vinegar. While this will help keep germs and scum at bay, an occasional deep clean is required as well. This involves actually draining the spa and scouring every inch of it. If you have hot tubs/spas that are used by clients for the public, you need to clean more often and maintain strict testing and chemical regiments.  You should speak to a commercial pool company for standards to uphold.

Be Mindful Of The Water Chemistry

Water chemistry is another topic that pool owners know all too well. Getting the right water levels involves a delicate balancing act. Water chemistry is important for spas as well. Ideally, you want to achieve a pH level between 7.2 and 7.6, and an alkalinity level of 80-150 parts per million. How do you achieve such precise levels? This is another task that a reliable spa company can help you with. First of all, a spa company can test your water on a regular basis, to make sure that the chemical levels are where they need to be. If the chemical levels are out of balance, a reliable Akron spa company can add the necessary chemicals to restore balance and set you up with the proper test kits and chemicals.. This will make for a safer and more pleasant spa experience for you and all of your guests.

Circulation Is Key

If your spa is stagnant for a long period of time, it can ruin the water. This is why regular circulation is so crucial. Many newer model spas have an automatic circulation schedule. This allows the spa to turn on automatically at regular intervals, usually twice a day for twenty minutes. For spas that do not have this feature, it is important that you manually turn the spa on and let it run, on the schedule mentioned above. This will allow your filters to do their job of clearing the spa of debris and contaminants. This is an easy task, but it needs to be done routinely. Set a reminder for yourself twice a day.  If your spa isn’t circulating properly, it is best to call a spa repair service to take a look, perform inspections, and get to the bottom of the problem.

3 Benefits Of Installing A Dehumidifier In Your Indoor Pool Or Spa

Swimming pools and spas have very many different parts and features. In addition to that huge basin that holds the water, there are many other functional components in a pool or spa including water filters, drains, liners, pumps, and various pool and spa accessories and chemicals. There are two main types of swimming pools based on the site of installation. We have outdoor swimming pools that are installed outside the house. We also have indoor swimming pools that are installed inside the house. Most outdoor swimming pools are closed during the cold season. Indoor swimming pools are usually heated and are hence used throughout the year. One important element that is usually installed in an indoor swimming pool is a dehumidifier. A dehumidifier is an electric device that sucks excess moisture from the air to maintain low humidity levels. These devices use various techniques to absorb excess humidity from the air. Dehumidifiers come in many different models and designs and you need to consult your local pool company when choosing one for your indoor swimming pool.

Protect The Interior

Dehumidifiers are mainly used to reduce and maintain humidity levels in any building. A heated indoor swimming pool or spa produces a lot of vapor as some of the heated water evaporates from the surface of the pool. This evaporating moisture can cause the humidity levels in the building to rise significantly. If this moisture is not removed, it can accumulate on the walls, floors, ceilings, and other surfaces, and cause mold and mildew to grow. If these high humidity levels are left unchecked, the excess moisture will cause wood to rot, metals to corrode, and paint to peel off. That is why it’s very important to maintain low levels of humidity in your indoor swimming pool or spa. Installing a functional dehumidifier will reduce the amount of humidity and hence condensed moisture in the indoor pool or spa and thereby protect the interior of the building housing these installations.

Reduce Energy Costs

One of the most important functions of a dehumidifier is to reduce energy consumption. Indoor swimming pools and spas can consumer a lot of energy. They usually consume energy during the cold season when they are heated and also during the hot season when they are cooled. A dehumidifier maintains temperatures at the right levels. Some people use pool ventilation systems to cool the temperature of their indoor pools and spas. But these ventilation systems consume a lot of energy because the air that enters the building must either be cold or heated to maintain the desired temperature. A dehumidifier will use less energy because it does not need to heat or cool the air but rather to absorb the humidity. Some dehumidifiers cool the air until the evaporating moisture is condensed. This leads to the release of heat energy, which can be reused to heat the pool.

Ensure A Comfortable And Healthy Environment

Akron swimming pool serviceIndoor pools and spas are supposed to be fun cozy places to relax, workout, and have fun. But this is not always the case especially if there is always excess humidity in the room. This problem can be solved using a dehumidifier. Even if you have a public indoor swimming pool, you can request Fairlawn commercial pool services to have a dehumidifier installed in your facility. By removing all that extra humidity from the air, the dehumidifier creates a comfortable and healthy environment for the indoor pool or spa users.

Opening Your Spa For The Winter

For pool owners, the beginning of fall means that it is time to close the pool. Luckily, for many pool owners, this season also means that it is time to open the spa. While a pool provides great summer fun, a spa provides great winter fun and relaxation. This article will help you get the most out of your spa, by offering some helpful tips for opening your spa. There is nothing more relaxing on a chilly night than unwinding in the hot tub. Continue reading to find out more about how you should open your spa this season.

Inspecting Your Spa

Bath hot tub repairsOne important part of opening your spa for the season is inspecting it. For one thing, you want to make sure that there is no water or excess dirt in the spa. If so, you will want to drain/clean it. You will also need to clean the spa cover if it is dirty. Additionally, you should inspect and clean the spa filter, if necessary. This is an important step in opening your spa. When inspecting the basin of the spa, you want to check for cracks or leaks. The spa can crack and/or spring leaks, especially if it was not closed properly. If you do detect cracks or leaks in the spa, you will need to call a pool/spa service to come out and make the necessary repairs.

Calling A Professional To Open Your Spa

One of the best recommendations that we can make is that you call a professional pool/spa service to open your spa. If you are operating a commercial spa, you can call an Akron commercial pool service to open your hot tub. Why call a professional? For one thing, the job will be done a lot quicker, and it will be much more convenient for you. Secondly, with people’s safety at stake, it is important that the spa is opened correctly. You need to hire someone who truly knows what they are doing when it comes to opening spas. A professional will be able to clean your spa, inspect your spa, make sure you have the proper spa pack, fill your spa, fit the appropriate parts, power your spa on, and explain maintenance and operating procedures to you. This is a great resource to have, especially if you are a new spa owner.

What To Look For In A Pool And Spa Service

There are several criteria that you should look for in the pool and spa company that you hire to help you open your spa. As mentioned before, you want to call someone who knows what they are doing, which is why experience is so crucial. Find a company that has been in the business for decades. You also want to work with a pool and spa company who has garnered dozens of positive reviews throughout your local area. This will be a pool and spa company that you know you can count on to provide great service.

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Planning A Pool Project

When you begin to think about a pool project, everyone has a story to tell you about ‘their pool project’… what they did, the ‘deal’ they got, who they went to, the contractor they hired (good or bad), the horror stories, and occasionally – the good stories about how everything went according to planned.  More often than not, however, there were some ‘issues’ that needed to be thought about before they became a problem.  These are relatively common and can be quickly dealt with beforehand, and then no one has to panic.

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So, what are some of these issues?

The Pool Not Being Designed For the Designated Purpose

Before one can even choose the type of pool you want, you need to know the purpose behind the pool you wish to purchase. If the pool is for children and home entertainment, then the concerns need to be security features such as fences and gates and so forth. On the other hand, if the pool is strictly entertainment for adults, then the concerns and thoughts need to be about features such as waterfalls and mood lighting or poolside bars and so forth.  Often too late, first-time pool owners realize they have spent their entire budget on features that are never used. So, take the time to plan on ‘how’ you are going to use your pool and ‘who’ is going to use the ‘pool,’ to save time and money

Hiring The Right Contractor By Reading The Fine Print

The single worst mistake anyone makes when buying your swimming pool is hiring the wrong contractor. Some pool manufacturing companies employ temporary contractors or ‘summer’ help that most likely has insufficient experience in the industry and in most cases, you will never be able to find those workers again, and there goes your money down the drain, literally.

Then there are those that are just interested in selling a pool without actually ‘installing’ the pool and if you do not know the correct ‘questions to ask, you can lose a lot of money very quickly and still not have a pool in the end. Not every contractor can provide you with all the right answers.

It is essential that you do as much homework yourself about the pool process, so you know the right questions to ask, use online resources, talk to others, read reviews, and learn from others. Never be afraid to ask questions and ask as many questions as you need until you get ALL your answers!

Before buying a pool or hiring a contractor, you need to understand what is included in the warranty and the contract, does it include the structural parts, plumbing, and equipment of the pool. Be sure that even if the contractor promises something, ‘verbally,’ it is contained within the contract.  Ask about maintenance and repairs.  Inquire about what type of chemicals, products, and opening and closing services you will need.

Talk to a company providing Akron pool services and ensure you get the answers you need.  A professional company will explain things thoroughly, making sure you are satisfied and understand the entire process.

Decorative Lighting Ideas For Your Pool

Before continuing the fun in the pool when the sun goes down, lighting the pool is required. Lighting isn’t just for safety anymore. Although most home pools have simple lighting installed for safety purposes, pool lights have become a great way to amp up backyard ambiance for general entertainment purposes outside of the pool, as well.


Underwater Lighting For Pool

Underwater lights make swimming in the evening not only safe, but they give your pool character. All it takes is just one colored bulb installed in the deep end, and it will make your entire pool glow whatever hue you use, and you can switch them out on a fairly regular basis with little expense. Multiple lights can be used to layer colors. Oranges can be used to create or reflect sunsets or pinks for enchanting desert effects; the possibilities are as endless as your imagination.

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Floating Lights For Pool

If the pool has that one standard light in the deep-end then perhaps it is just a tad outdated. It is simple to bring your pool into the here and now with two words: floating lights.  Floating lights are a simple solution for those with above ground pools. There is no reason that you can not use floating lights for a little extra lighting, and this should be obvious, but make sure they are waterproof and won’t break easily.


Different Colors Emphasize Different Areas

This idea is similar to layering, and you can use colored lights in groups to highlight different sections of water.  By doing this, each area of the pool has its own atmosphere and color, therefore creating a more captivating environment. An example would be for instance, green for the deep-end of the pool, blue for the shallow-end, pink for the hot tub area and so on.


Around The Pool Lights

Light the pathways and areas around the pool and leading up to the pool. Additional poolside lighting is always a smart idea for preventing accidents.  Additional lighting always helps to ensure safe night swimming, and creates additional ambiance.  Lighting for special occasions, like candle-lit lanterns surrounding the pool and highlighting walkways always amps up the festivities.


Above The Pool Lights

Light strings are always a perfect all-in-one lighting solution. Hanging light stings across the backyard will provide light to your pool, as well as walkways, patios, decks, secondary decks and more all at once.  Commercial light strings would be the most recommended for this because they are the brightest.  However, if you have Christmas lights, those would work just as well, because these lights are especially useful and decorative on almost anything and everything these days, (they are not just for Christmas trees anymore). These Christmas lights can be used for everything from hosting backyard party events to pool parties. Remember when decorating your pool with lights, check that everything works properly and anything electrical is away from water and splashes.  Don’t forget about your pool, make sure it is in working order before the big party.  Contact a professional company offering Akron pool repair for maintenance, repair, or cleaning, ensuring that you have everything you need for your pool in or out of season.

Fun Facts About Swimming And Swimming Pools

Swimming pools are some of the most fun installations in our homes. Swimming pools are highly popular because of the many fun and health benefits that they provide to everyone in the house. Whether you are a kid or an adult, you can reap great health rewards from your residential swimming pool. You get to exercise conveniently from the comfort of your home. You will burn a great deal of calories while swimming, which ensures a healthy heart, mind, and body for the whole family. As you can see, we cannot overemphasize the importance of swimming pools in any home. Swimming pools have spurred a full fledged industry that employs many professionals. We have many established pool companies offering Akron pool repair, maintenance, and installation services. You can hire any of these companies to solve any kind of pool problem in the locality. And because we all know that swimming is incredibly fun, we will now look at some fun facts about swimming pools in general.


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Fun Swimming Pool Facts


There are many fun facts regarding the first pools to set one record or another. To start us off, let us talk about the origin of swimming. We can trace swimming back to 2,500 BCE in ancient from Egypt. We have drawings and paintings from this ancient civilization showing people swimming that early. Another fun fact is that the first swimming pool to have a pool heater was built by a friend of the first emperor of Rome, Caesar Augustus. Gaius Maecenas of Rome is credited with building the first heated swimming pool. The first pool filtration system was introduced in 1910 and the 1907 White Star Line’s Adriatic was the first cruise ship to have a swimming pool abroad. According to the Guinness World Records, the largest swimming pool is the Alfonso del Mar Seawater Pool in Chile. It is 1,013 meters long. Another super large swimming pool covers 8.9 acres (3.60 Ha). It is the Orthlieb Pool in Casablanca, Morocco and it is filled with sea water. The deepest pool is in the Nemo 33 recreational diving center near Brussels, Belgium. It has a circular pit with a depth of 33 meters (108 ft).


Fun Swimming Facts


The first recorded swimming competitions or races occurred in Japan in 36 B.C. Swimming became an official Olympic competition/sport back in 1896. More than half the world’s population does not know how to swim. The breaststroke is the oldest swimming style/stroke. Parents can teach their kids how to swim when they are as young as 12 months old. Teaching young kids how to swim improves their balance, body coordination, and motor skills. Swimming is the most popular recreational activity for kids and teenagers between ages 7-17 in the United States. The most popular swimming pool game is Marco Polo and the most popular way to jump into a pool is to cannonball.


Swimming Pool Stats


There are over 10.6 million swimming pools in the United States. Of all the pools in the U.S., 50.6% are in-ground, 47.1% are above ground, and nearly 3.0% are commercial swimming pools. With a whopping 3 million pools, California has the highest number of swimming pools in the U.S. 85% of all swimming pools are sanitized with chlorine. Australia builds more swimming pools per capita than any other country in the world.


4 Health Benefits Of Owning A Hot Tub

There are a multitude of reasons why getting a good night’s sleep is important yet many people don’t. A common complaint is being unable to fall asleep even though you may feel very tired. Many people have bedtime routines that involve watching a little TV before bed to relax but in reality watching TV will stimulate your mind and only make falling asleep even harder. Trying taking a 15 minute dip in your hot tub before bed and you’ll reap the benefits of a good night’s rest in the morning.


Spa Room


Sleep Better


Do you feel sleepy after taking a hot bath? There’s a reason for that. Taking a hot bath before bed tends to help you fall asleep more quickly and the same can be said for spending 15 minutes in your hot tub. Since warm water naturally relaxes the body, it is easier to fall asleep and then stay asleep.


Treat Pain


In addition to relieving tension in the body, soaking in the hot tub for just 15 minutes can also help relieve pain by improving circulation within the body. Just like heating pads are used for relief on aching muscles, the heated water in a hot tub increases circulation and can be used for treating pain. Circulation plays a key role in pain management and poor circulation can lead to issues such as tension headaches and migraines.  Many people suffering from chronic back or knee pain use warm water therapy for pain relief because it is so effective. It is a proven, cost effective, and non-addictive way to treat pain.


Relieve Arthritis


While the warm water relaxes the body, the buoyancy of the body in water creates a weightless feeling than can lead to relief for those suffering from arthritis. The hot tub water relaxes stiff muscles, allowing for greater circulation and increased flexibility. Bending your achy joints in warm water allows the water to support your joints and provides for a greater range of motion. The benefits to water therapy are numerous so why not make taking a dip in your hot tub a part of your daily routine?


Decrease Stress And Anxiety


One of the most common medical conditions diagnosed in today’s fast paced world are increased levels of stress and anxiety. There are many reasons why soaking in a hot tub can actually decrease stress and anxiety. While we already discussed above that warm water relaxes the body, did you know the jets play an important part as well? The hot tub jets can massage your body and relieve stress the same way going to a masseuse would. The jet pressure relieves tension in your muscles, especially the neck and back where the majority of stress is stored in the body. When buying a hot tub, there are many jet options and settings so check out a Fairlawn pool company to see all the options available to you. After spending a few minutes under the jets in your hot tub, you will physically feel the stress melt way.

6 Reasons Why You Should Hire Expert Pool Cleaning Services

The pool at your home is important and requires proper maintenance just as any other possession. Some people opt to maintain the pool on their own to avoid the cost of hiring a pool cleaning services. While expert cleaners will require payment, their services match the price. The process of maintaining the pool to the highest standards requires expert knowledge and understanding which you may lack. Arranging to have your pool cleaned by professionals occasionally is advisable. The following are the reasons for hiring expert pool cleaners.


You Get Peace Of Mind


Building a swimming pool of any size requires some money. Therefore, you need to take care of your investment by ensuring it does not lose its value due to disrepair. A well-maintained pool is a perfect addition to the home and will enhance its value to buyers in case you require selling it. The experts you appoint to clean the pool will ensure everything is in good working condition.  They will inspect, identify and fix any parts that need repairs as soon as they find them.


Protection Of Your Health


The water in the pool should be conducive for you and other users. The cleanliness of the pool water is ensured by maintaining proper filtration. You may lack the knowledge to do this and therefore expose your family to health issues. Bath pool cleaning experts ensure that the water balance is maintained at all times to avoid endangering the health of your family.




Saves Time


Pool cleaning is a sensitive job that requires total commitment. You may have limited time to pay proper attention to maintaining your pool. Rushing the cleaning and maintenance process will interfere with the quality of the water and the entire pool. Therefore, it is better to hire the services of a dedicated company to provide the services as you concentrate on other important things in your life. The experts have the time and resources to grant your pool sufficient attention that will ensure it remains safe for you.


Pool Equipment


Just as with any other installation in your home, some parts of the pool require replacement due to wear and tear. The replacement of broken parts should take place as soon as they are noticed. You may lack the experience to identify issues in the pool that might develop into serious problems if not addressed immediately. An expert pool cleaner will easily identify the problems and take the necessary action and save you the trouble of having to perform cumbersome and expensive pool and hot tub repairs.


Customized Service


Hiring Bath pool services does not deny you control of your pool. The experts will conduct the services according to your instructions. They will discuss your needs and agree on a schedule of how to attend to the installation. For the best maintenance of the pool, the experts will recommend weekly or bi-weekly servicing of the pool. You do not have to be at home when the cleaners work on your pool.


When To Call A Professional Spa Servicing Company

Investing in a spa can be a hefty expense. In most situations, people neglect to get repairs done on their spa because of the exasperated costs that were associated with purchasing it. Leaving a vital repair undone can ruin your spa. The problem can become worse, which will result in you spending more money in the future to resolve something that could be fixed for a nominal fee.

Knowing when you need to get Akron spa repairs performed is vital to maintaining your investment. If you are interested in knowing what you can expect when getting a repair rectified, or are struggling to determine if it needs to be fixed, you need to be made aware of the common spa issues that occur. Three common spa repair issues that require professional intervention are heater issues, circuit board problems, and inoperable jets.


The Heater Does Not Work




People choose to purchase spas, so they can have somewhere to go to relax. Spa usage can help alleviate sore muscles and destress after a long day. When the heater breaks down, the reason why you purchased the spa in the first place becomes eliminated.

In most cases, a broken heater occurs due to the pH balance of the water. When the water is not maintained at the proper pH, the heater will fail. A spa professional will check the pH, and determine if that is what caused the issue. If the water is not the problem, the professional will proceed to check other electrical components on the unit.


Circuit Board Problems


Spa owners should never attempt to fix any electrical issues themselves. If you do not have the proper training to deal with electricity, call a professional. The mixture of water and electricity is dangerous to work with, if you are untrained.

A professional will inspect the circuit board to determine if there are any connection problems that could be causing the issue. If the circuit board is faulty, repairs are not made to make it work. Instead, the board will need to be replaced, for the spa to be operational.


The Jets Will Not Turn On


Jets in a hot tub are an added feature. If they are not working, the jets should be checked to see if any adjustments need to be made. Ensure that the jets are not closed. Closed jets will not release the rush of water into the spa.

If the jets are open, but they are not working, call a professional. They will check first to make sure the jets are open before proceeding to a serious repair job. If the jets are open, then the professional will check the air lock of the spa. The air lock is associated with the proper firing of the spa jets.

When people choose to purchase spas, they expect them to work properly. Investing in a spa for your home is a hefty expense. You want to ensure that your investment is taken care of. Issues revolving the heater, circuit board, or jets should be repaired by a professional. Repairing the issues on your own, or waiting until the problem gets worse, will ruin your investment.