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5 Important Safety Tips For Swimming Pools

Swimming pools offer a fun and healthy recreational activity for the whole family. Swimming is not only fun and enjoyable, but it also provides lots of health benefits to the body. For starters, swimming alleviates muscle pains and aches. Your muscles relax considerably after a few laps in your swimming pool. Swimming burns a lot of calories in your body. This improves your cardiovascular health and lowers your blood pressure. A relaxing swim also reduces stress and anxiety in your body. After swimming for some time, your body will shut down well and you can go to sleep fully relaxed and worked out. Swimming pools are often recommended for asthma patients. They also offer an excellent exercise option for kids as well as adults. With all these functional benefits associated with swimming pools, many people really look forward to Akron pool opening for the warm spring and summer months. But as much as swimming pools are fun,. They also pose potentially fatal risks to the users. If you are not very careful with your swimming pool, you could suffer drowning accidents in them. Observe the following rules to ensure the safety of your pool.


Swimming Pool Barriers


You should always secure the perimeter of your swimming pool with an appropriate fence or barriers. Ensure that your swimming pool is completely surrounded by a fence or barrier, which should be at least 4-feet high. The fence should have a gate that closes and latches on its own. You should also make a point of covering your pool or spa any time it’s not in use. Also remove any ladders that might grant access to the pool when it’s closed. You can even install a security or alarm system to inform you of any unauthorized access to your swimming pool.


Always Supervise Children


Kids are highly prone to swimming pool accidents. You should always keep an eye on your kids whenever they are in the swimming pool. Young kids should always be within an arm’s reach of an adult whenever they are in a swimming pool. If you are using a public swimming pool, there should always be an experienced adult swimmer watching over the kids. The adult should abstain from engaging activities like texting and irresponsible acts like drinking while on the watch. The watcher should have a whistle and a life jacket at all times.


Know How To Swim


Everyone who has access to your pool should be able to swim. Train or have your kids trained to swim as early as possible. There are many experienced swimmers who can train kids and adults how to swim and various water orientation exercises.


Maintain A Clean Pool


Akron pool repair


You should always make sure that your swimming pool or spa is clean and clear. You should always maintain proper chemical and acidity levels, excellent circulation and filtration, and general sanitation in and around your swimming pool or spa.


Other Important Rules


You should strictly institute all relevant swimming pool safety rules in your home or in a public or commercial swimming pool. Everyone should walk and not run around the swimming pool and keep away from the pool covers. You should encourage people to swim in two’s or more. Avoid diving in home swimming pools and be prepared with a first-aid kit and CPR skills in case of a pool accident or incident.

Care And Maintenance Tips For Your Swimming Pool

Our blogs contain all kinds of swimming pool tips to help you enjoy your pool or spa as much as possible. We have also shared tips for ensuring the safety of you swimming pool. It is very important that you keep all our pool safety tips in mind during and after swimming. For instance, you should never allow kids alone in your swimming pool. In fact, you should build a fence or install a barrier with a gate all around your swimming pool. This will restrict unauthorized access to your pool and ensure that no one is ion there without your knowledge. You should also ensure that none swims alone in your swimming pool. It’s always safe to have a “swim buddy” to aid you in case of any swimming mishap. You should also ensure that everyone in your home knows how to swim and is proficient in various water orientation exercises and safety guidelines. In addition to all these safety tips, we also have a myriad of care and maintenance tips for your swimming pool. Read on to learn how to offer proper care and maintenance to your pool.


Pool Cleaning

Akron pool cleaning

There are no excuses for having a dirty skimming pool. You always have to make sure that your swimming pool is clean and clear. You can always start by skimming the surface of the pool for leaves and other debris. You should skim the surface of your pool everyday to ensure that the pool is free of all kinds of debris. You should also make a point of scrubbing the sides of the swimming pool at least once every week. Scrubbing your pool regularly prevents algae buildup and hence gives your swimming pool and clean fresh look. And last but not least, clean out your pool filter at least once every week. This helps remove all leaves and other debris that are trapped in the filter leaving it in perfect working condition.


Chemical Balance


There are many different chemicals that are used to keep a swimming pool clean and healthy for users. These chemicals work well if they are in the right constitution and balance. Make sure that you test your pool water regularly to ensure the chemical balance of your swimming pool. You should always be concerned about the levels of alkalinity/acidity, chorine, cyanuric acid, calcium hardness etc in your pool.


Leak Repair Tips


If you notice a flow problem in your swimming pool, it most likely indicates a pool leak. Pool and spa leakages are some of the major services advertised by professional pool companies. If you notice such a problem in your swimming pool, you should always start by confirming whether or not it’s a leak. You can always use the bucket testy to confirm a pool leak. This is where you place a bucket filled with water to the brim at the same level with the pool water. You should then leave it be for a few days and then check to see if the bucket and pool water levels are different. If there’s a difference, then you have a leak. Call a licensed pool company, which handles Akron spa repairs and offers swimming pool maintenance and repair services, immediately for a professional solution.

Fun Facts About Swimming And Swimming Pools

Swimming pools are some of the most fun installations in our homes. Swimming pools are highly popular because of the many fun and health benefits that they provide to everyone in the house. Whether you are a kid or an adult, you can reap great health rewards from your residential swimming pool. You get to exercise conveniently from the comfort of your home. You will burn a great deal of calories while swimming, which ensures a healthy heart, mind, and body for the whole family. As you can see, we cannot overemphasize the importance of swimming pools in any home. Swimming pools have spurred a full fledged industry that employs many professionals. We have many established pool companies offering Akron pool repair, maintenance, and installation services. You can hire any of these companies to solve any kind of pool problem in the locality. And because we all know that swimming is incredibly fun, we will now look at some fun facts about swimming pools in general.


Fairlawn pool servicing


Fun Swimming Pool Facts


There are many fun facts regarding the first pools to set one record or another. To start us off, let us talk about the origin of swimming. We can trace swimming back to 2,500 BCE in ancient from Egypt. We have drawings and paintings from this ancient civilization showing people swimming that early. Another fun fact is that the first swimming pool to have a pool heater was built by a friend of the first emperor of Rome, Caesar Augustus. Gaius Maecenas of Rome is credited with building the first heated swimming pool. The first pool filtration system was introduced in 1910 and the 1907 White Star Line’s Adriatic was the first cruise ship to have a swimming pool abroad. According to the Guinness World Records, the largest swimming pool is the Alfonso del Mar Seawater Pool in Chile. It is 1,013 meters long. Another super large swimming pool covers 8.9 acres (3.60 Ha). It is the Orthlieb Pool in Casablanca, Morocco and it is filled with sea water. The deepest pool is in the Nemo 33 recreational diving center near Brussels, Belgium. It has a circular pit with a depth of 33 meters (108 ft).


Fun Swimming Facts


The first recorded swimming competitions or races occurred in Japan in 36 B.C. Swimming became an official Olympic competition/sport back in 1896. More than half the world’s population does not know how to swim. The breaststroke is the oldest swimming style/stroke. Parents can teach their kids how to swim when they are as young as 12 months old. Teaching young kids how to swim improves their balance, body coordination, and motor skills. Swimming is the most popular recreational activity for kids and teenagers between ages 7-17 in the United States. The most popular swimming pool game is Marco Polo and the most popular way to jump into a pool is to cannonball.


Swimming Pool Stats


There are over 10.6 million swimming pools in the United States. Of all the pools in the U.S., 50.6% are in-ground, 47.1% are above ground, and nearly 3.0% are commercial swimming pools. With a whopping 3 million pools, California has the highest number of swimming pools in the U.S. 85% of all swimming pools are sanitized with chlorine. Australia builds more swimming pools per capita than any other country in the world.


4 Health Benefits Of Owning A Hot Tub

There are a multitude of reasons why getting a good night’s sleep is important yet many people don’t. A common complaint is being unable to fall asleep even though you may feel very tired. Many people have bedtime routines that involve watching a little TV before bed to relax but in reality watching TV will stimulate your mind and only make falling asleep even harder. Trying taking a 15 minute dip in your hot tub before bed and you’ll reap the benefits of a good night’s rest in the morning.


Spa Room


Sleep Better


Do you feel sleepy after taking a hot bath? There’s a reason for that. Taking a hot bath before bed tends to help you fall asleep more quickly and the same can be said for spending 15 minutes in your hot tub. Since warm water naturally relaxes the body, it is easier to fall asleep and then stay asleep.


Treat Pain


In addition to relieving tension in the body, soaking in the hot tub for just 15 minutes can also help relieve pain by improving circulation within the body. Just like heating pads are used for relief on aching muscles, the heated water in a hot tub increases circulation and can be used for treating pain. Circulation plays a key role in pain management and poor circulation can lead to issues such as tension headaches and migraines.  Many people suffering from chronic back or knee pain use warm water therapy for pain relief because it is so effective. It is a proven, cost effective, and non-addictive way to treat pain.


Relieve Arthritis


While the warm water relaxes the body, the buoyancy of the body in water creates a weightless feeling than can lead to relief for those suffering from arthritis. The hot tub water relaxes stiff muscles, allowing for greater circulation and increased flexibility. Bending your achy joints in warm water allows the water to support your joints and provides for a greater range of motion. The benefits to water therapy are numerous so why not make taking a dip in your hot tub a part of your daily routine?


Decrease Stress And Anxiety


One of the most common medical conditions diagnosed in today’s fast paced world are increased levels of stress and anxiety. There are many reasons why soaking in a hot tub can actually decrease stress and anxiety. While we already discussed above that warm water relaxes the body, did you know the jets play an important part as well? The hot tub jets can massage your body and relieve stress the same way going to a masseuse would. The jet pressure relieves tension in your muscles, especially the neck and back where the majority of stress is stored in the body. When buying a hot tub, there are many jet options and settings so check out a Fairlawn pool company to see all the options available to you. After spending a few minutes under the jets in your hot tub, you will physically feel the stress melt way.

Commercial Pool Services Help Keep Your Pool Open All Season Long

Having a swimming pool at your facility is a big deal. It adds to the value of your business, and can also help you attract new clientele. It does not matter if your facility is an apartment complex, health club, daycare, or hotel, it is important that it is properly maintained. A clean pool reflects your concern for the health and safety of the people who choose to use your facilities.

Most businesses have one chance to make a first impression on prospective clients. Your pool is a big reflection of the impression that you are going to make. Fairlawn commercial pool services will help ensure that your pool garners the right attention for your business. Having to close your pool down due to improper pH levels or unsanitary issues is undesirable and unacceptable.


Improper pH Levels


Properly balancing the pH levels within a pool are important. If a pool’s water is too acidic or too alkaline it is not safe to swim in. The levels must be properly balanced before anyone is able to enter the area. Keeping your clients safe is important to the integrity of your business.

A professional pool service that works with commercial businesses understands the liability that can cause. They will maintain the pool and ensure that the pH levels do not reach dangerous levels. The reputation of your business relies on this type of service.


Unsanitary Issues


Fairlawn commercial pool service


Pools that are open to the public receive more abuse than those used in residences. Diverse types of people visit public pools, and not all of them uphold personal hygiene the way that they should. Anything can happen inside a public pool that can cause it to become contaminated or unsanitary.

Commercial pools should always be cleaned by a professional. Professionals understand how much these pools go through. They know the proper levels of chemicals to apply to them to ensure that they are clean and sanitary. General pool cleaning tasks include cleaning the pool, maintaining the pumping systems, refilling the pool with water, and performing a water test.


The Main Reason Why Commercial Pools Close


You would think that commercial pools close because the chemicals are unbalanced, or the pool is unsanitary, but you would be wrong. The main reason why pools shut down is due to improper water balance. When there is not enough water in the pool for it to perform its routine pumping, the equipment will malfunction.

It makes sense to do everything to prevent a problem from occurring. A smart choice is to hire a professional pool cleaning service that knows what they are doing. They will help to ensure that the pool is safe for the public to use, and that your investment is guarded.

Having an accessible pool that your customers can use will make your business a desirable place for them to go. When your guests are happy, they will be more than willing to tell their friends about the wonderful experience that they had. Word of mouth is the best type of advertisement that a business can receive.

Commercial Pool Services Versus Residential Pool Services

Whether you use a pool for residential or commercial use, there is one thing that does not change; you need to hire a professional to maintain it. Proper maintenance of your pool is important to avoid contaminating the water and endangering all of those that use the amenity.

With regular maintenance and a good filtration system, you can guarantee a long-lasting life for your pool. Another reason why pool maintenance is necessary is to prevent calcium buildup on the pools surface. Calcium buildup can damage the walls of the pool, and the equipment.


Differences Between Residential And Commercial Pool Services


A lot of people believe that the main difference between a commercial and residential pool service is the quality of the services that are provided. This is not true, if you employ the assistance of a pool service that takes pride in their work. The frequency and complexity of the services rendered will differ from a residential service and a commercial. No matter what type of service you employ, proper ph levels will be of the utmost importance, and having chemicals on hand to keep it that way is key.


Commercial Pool Service Differences


Commercial pools are used by a lot of people, in comparison to residential pools. With more people using commercial pools, the risk of contamination increases.  Companies offering Akron commercial pool services will have to perform efficient water treatment protocols to ensure that the water is safe.

Most commercial pools offer heated water. Heated water is a breeding ground for bacteria and algae. Commercial pools must be cleaned regularly because they are used frequently. Repairs are common with public pools.


Residential Pool Service Differences


Akron pool cleaning company



Residential pools are easier to clean, because less people use them. The pools are generally not as deep as the public pools, and with fewer people using them daily, it is easier to keep them clean and free of contaminants. However, just because less people use residential pools, does not mean that they do not require a professional servicing.

Most residential pools are kept outside. The owner may choose to place a cover over them to keep things from falling into the water. The outside elements can be harsh on a pool and contaminants can still make their way into the water. Pollen and dust can make its way into the water, and if not cleaned can cause damage to the pool.


Which Type Of Pool Service Should You Use


The type of pool service that you should employ is going to be based off your needs. If you have a pool at your home, then you will opt for a residential pool service. If the pool is at a business, or at a place where multiple people are going to be using it, then a commercial pool service should be employed. Some cleaning practices may differ from commercial to residential pool services.

A professional pool service will advise you of the type of service that they will be able to provide you. Businesses are given commercial services, while residences are given a residential treatment. However, if a business is operated out of a home and multiple people are using the pool, you may want to ask if a commercial service can be provided. Some commercial pool services may make an exception in this situation.



Five Reasons Why Athletes Should Incorporate Swimming In Their Exercise Routine

A few years back, a press release was published by the United States Masters Swimming League. The composition was published as a reminder to people who led active lifestyles, that swimming can be an effective fitness workout. While this point seems obvious to habitual swimmers, lots of athletes think that pools are simply for summer fun or child’s play.

This assumption could not be any further from the truth. Swimming can benefit anyone from the strongest athlete to a novice bodybuilder. Swimming can be incorporated into your daily summer routine as a primary, secondary, or alternative form of physical fitness. It can easily be used to complement your existing routine.


Builds Lean Muscle


Fairlawn pool service


Swimming helps to build longer, leaner muscles. These muscles will complement your shorter denser muscles that are used during weight training. People who possess long lean muscles are referred to as having swimmer’s muscles. These muscles can help naturally boost metabolism, which will help the body burn calories longer.


Increased Flexibility


Heated pools can help relax sore muscles, while promoting increased flexibility. Many fitness enthusiasts know that after an intense workout, their muscles will be sore. Swimming in a heated pool can help flush toxins out of the body and prevent soreness and tightness in the muscles.  Keep your heated pool in top shape & maintain proper ph levels by hiring Fairlawn pool services.


Build Your Core


Core body strength is extremely important. The core is the center of the body that keeps other muscles and bones properly aligned. Swimming can help you develop core body strength quickly. Swimming forces the body to use all muscles simultaneously. Seventy percent of effort that goes into swimming requires upper body strength.



Swimming boosts cardiovascular capacity, while increasing muscle strength. It gives the muscles a break from their usual high intensity routine. Creating a balanced workout routine helps athletes avoid injuries. It gives the body time to recuperate from harsh workouts that put an immense amount of stress on it. By swimming, your body can relax, but you do not have to forgo your daily workout.


Promotes Weight Loss


There have been many skeptics in the fitness world that believe that swimming does not promote fat loss. Swimming can be an intense exercise, if you choose to make it one. People who strenuously swim to the point that they are out of breath, will elevate their heartrate. With the heartrate elevated, the body will burn calories.

Swimming is one training technique that athletes should incorporate into their workout regimen. While resistance and strength training will help your body build strong muscles, recovery is what helps your body adapt to the changes that it is forgoing. This summer do not neglect your pool.

Swimming is a fun summer activity, but it can be even more if you make it that. Athletes should regularly engage in some type of low-impact workout to condition their bodies. Swimming allows athletes to workout multiple muscle groups at a time, while still promoting a steady calorie burn. Changing your workout routine sporadically will enable you to avoid muscle memory, and continue to build your stature to a state your desire.

Recipe For A Great BackyardRecipe For A Great Backyard

What is the most fun area of your house? Recently, the basement (or “man-cave”) has made a run to the top of many lists. The finished basement has replaced the old concept of a basement as simply a storage unit. Whether it is a movie theater with a big screen TV, a display of sports collectibles with memorabilia adorning the walls or rec room/arcade with a ping pong table and video game systems, the basement has become the preferred area of the house for kids and adults alike. Despite the growing popularity of the basement, it has not yet eclipsed the classic place for fun in any house. It may not come to mind immediately, and that’s because it isn’t technically in the house. It’s the backyard, of course. Backyards have become synonymous with fun because they bring people together. No longer confined to the individual rooms of the house, entire families and groups of friends are free to connect in the backyard. But just being in the backyard isn’t enough. Like anything else, you get out of it what you put into it. With that being said, here are a few elements of a successful backyard, no matter where you live.




The backyard is somehow both inside and outside, a transitional step in between the wilderness of nature and the comfort of your home. In this sense, you can think of your backyard’s natural, outdoor features as elements of a room. The sun is your skylight. The sky itself is your vaulted ceiling. And the grass is your carpet. A well-maintained grass becomes a lawn. The better maintained your lawn, the more comfortable folks are going to feel in your backyard. A well-kept lawn is a per-requisite for further backyard activities. A good lawn mower can be purchased from any local home improvement store. Depending on the size of your yard, you may need to visit an agricultural equipment dealer in the area.




No smell mixes quite as well with freshly cut grass as smoke from the grill. Once the lawn has been mowed, you’re ready for a gathering—and no gathering, whether you’re celebrating a birthday, a holiday or just the weekend, is complete without food. The meat for the grill of course, whether it’s hot dogs, hamburgers or steaks, is going to come from your local supermarket. The grill will probably be available at the same home improvement store where you purchased your lawnmower. Grills have undergone quite a revolution recently, so if you already have a grill but are worried it might be getting a little long in the tooth it might be worth your time to investigate the new models that are available. Many newer models are perfect for smoking meats, which is sure to bring the necessary flavor to your backyard.






Of course, the Holy Grail of backyard festivities is the pool. Nothing beats a hot summer day swimming in the pool (or a cold winter’s evening soaking in a spa). Even if you don’t get in the water, reading a book or listening to music by the pool is the perfect form of backyard relaxation. Even working—form yard work to cooking—done in the backyard is somehow more meditative if its done in sight or sound of a pool. Of course, the relaxation of a pool requires regular maintenance and upkeep, just like your lawn or grilling skills. So if you’re looking to invest in your backyard by getting a pool or thinking about making the necessary seasonal adjustments to your current pool, track down a Fairlawn pool services store or company and make sure your backyard is ready.

Open & Closing Services

We here at Eastern Pools Inc. feel that handling the opening and closing of your pool is one of our most important services. We have been opening and closing pools in our 5 county region for over 50 years. That’s a lot of pools. We would love to come out and help keep your pool safe from the weathering of the seasons. Let us uphold the protection of your pool or spa with the work of our veteran technicians. You can be assured that your pool will remain safe from closing to opening. Make sure you schedule an appointment with us today.


When it comes time for you to open your commercial or residential pool, you want to make sure that everything is in order and working properly. When the springtime comes and everyone’s looking for that first swim of the season, you are under a lot of pressure to get your pool ready and in working order. Sometimes it can be easy for you to overlook a broken part, forget to remove all of the anti-freeze, or to misplace your pool cover. At Eastern Pools,Inc. we make sure that the opening of your pool is handled with the utmost care. We have our experienced technicians inspect your pool so that you can be assured that your pool is ready for the season. We also know how storing your pool covers can be a hassle. So, we offer our customers to have their pool covers housed in our warehouse. Having us open your pool is a great way to make sure that the process is done right the first time. We can also test your pool water at your place or ours, to make sure your water chemistry is right where it needs to be.  After a visit from our technicians, you will be able to relax and resume enjoying your great commodity.


After enjoying your pool for a full spring and summer, the fall comes along to put an end to your summer fun. The closing of your commercial or residential pool or spa is a crucial step that requires proper techniques that can be damaging to your pool and its systems if not done correctly. Let us come in and do this process for you. During the winter, because of the cold temperatures, the structure of your pool can be harmed. Cracks could begin to form in the foundation and pipes could freeze under the pool. All of these repairs can become quite costly so, why not have our trained technicians come out and close your pool for you. When our technicians come out to close your pool they will also winterize it. This will substantially help keep your pool from incurring damages during the off season. With your commercial or residential pool closed properly, the opening can go that much smoother.

We believe that all owners of a pool or spa should be able to splash to their heart’s content, indulge in relaxation, and generally enjoy their commodity to the fullest. When thinking about opening or closing, don’t forget that we will do both and makes sure that they are done correctly. With the experienced technicians of Eastern Pools, Inc. on your side, you can rest assured that you will have a protected pool or spa year round.

Pool & Spa Products

Eastern Pools Is The Pool & Spa Product Leader In The Akron Area.

Not only do we carry the most extensive parts inventory of any pool dealer region area, but we sell products made by some of the leading pool suppliers in the country. We also feature our house brand of pool and spa chemicals, Team Chemicals, which have been used by residential and commercial pools in the Akron area for over 30 years.

When you need chemicals or parts to keep you pool or spa ready for enjoying with friends or family, call us at Eastern Pools at 330-825-2214 or stop by our store to speak with one of our pool and spa service professionals.

The pool season can last for a long time, and we want to help you and your family enjoy it as much as possible, with a variety of services to meet your needs. Pool and spa products can be useful in maintaining a healthy pool that everyone can enjoy.


A Variety Of Pool Products To Meet Your Needs


Eastern Pools offers a variety of selection when trying to find the chemicals your pool needs. This means no matter how you prefer to clean your pool and what brand you trust, you are sure to find it at Eastern Pools. Besides national and name brands, we offer our very own house brand, Team Chemicals. You can trust using the same products that other families and companies in the Akron area have used for over 25 years. Our chemicals come in a variety of sizes, from small containers to large tubs, depending on how often you use your pool or spa, and what you need to maintain it. Come take a look at our store, and see what we offer in the latest products for maintaining and clean and healthy pool or spa that can be enjoyed all season long.


We Offer Various Parts To Help With Repair


If you have an issue that requires your pool or spa to be fixed, we can easily handle that with our large selection of parts for the pool or spa. You can get all your pool needs met in one easy place. This saves you time in having to travel to find what you are looking for in order to keep your pool going for the rest of the year. If you choose to have a repair made by us, we can easily bring the part out, cutting down on the wait time to have your pool or spa working properly again. For those that would rather tackle the repair on their own, we can help you with parts and advice, giving you suggestions on what would work best based on your model and needs.


Eastern Pools Offers Friendly, Helpful Service No Matter What You Need


If you need advice on which chemicals would be best suited for your spa or pool, or what type of part needs to be replaced, our friendly associates are here to help. With many years of experience in serving both families and commercial facilities with their pool needs, we would be happy to advise you on how to best fix and maintain your pool. Eastern Pools is your one-stop shop for everything needed to keep your pool functioning at optimal levels. If you are getting ready for the pool season, or run into a problem mid-way, we are always here for you.