Bursting Common Swimming Pool Myths In Akron, OH

Swimming And Swimming Pools In Akron, OH

Akron, OH has many swimming pools and very many swimmers. People love to swim in this city especially during the warm summer months. And it’s very easy to see why so many people love swimming in Akron, OH. Swimming offers very many benefits to the body. These include health and recreational benefits. Here are a few benefits of swimming:

·       Full body workout

·       Appropriate for people the injured, sick, and other health conditions

·       Great for people with disabilities

·       Ideal for people with asthma

·       Ideal for people with multiple sclerosis (MS)

·       Burns a lot of calories

·       Relieves stress

·       Improves sleep

·       Safe for pregnant women

·       Boosts your mood

·       Great exercise for all ages

As you can see, the benefits of swimming are endless. That is why there are so many swimming pools in Akron, OH. If you have a private swimming pool in the city, then you will need a reliable Akron pool company like Eastern Pools for repairs and maintenance. Eastern Pools also installs new pools and renovates old ones. They also maintain an active blog on their website. And as a fun contribution to that blog, today we are going to burst some very common myths about swimming and swimming pools in Akron, OH.

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Swimming After You Eat

This is perhaps the most controversial thing about swimming in Akron, OH. Many people believe that you have to wait for a full hour or more after eating before taking a swim. They believe that there is a big risk of suffering serious cramps if you swim soon after you eat. Well, this is partially true. After you eat, most of the blood goes to the stomach to help with digestion. As such, your muscles are kind of drained out. This means that you can easily suffer cramps if you overwork your muscles. If you want to be absolutely safe, eat a light meal and then go for a swim in Akron, OH.

Peeing In The Pool

Peeing in the swimming pool will turn the water blue. This is one of the most ridiculous myths about swimming pools in Akron, OH. This myth is usually propagated by parents to discourage their kids from peeing. And more than 50% of adults still believe it. Although a chemical could be created to detect urine in a swimming pool, it cannot be very effective because it can also react with other chemicals in the swimming pool.

Smelling Chlorine

There is too much chlorine in the swimming pool if you can smell it. This is actually false and quite the opposite. You cannot smell the chlorine in the water. You actually smell the chlorine when you shock the pool and it escapes into the air. Smelling the chlorine means there is very little left in the water and hence you need to add more.  Contact Eastern Pools, also found at https://www.quora.com/profile/Eastern-Pools-Inc, for further information on chlorine.

Chlorine And Your Eyes

Chlorine burns your eyes when you open them under water. This is not caused by chlorine but rather by an unbalanced pH level in your swimming pool in Akron, OH. You should always maintain a pH level of between 7.2 and 7.6 to keep it in balance. And at this balanced pH level, your eyes won’t burn or turn red even when you open them under water.

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