4 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Professional To Open And Close Your Swimming Pool In Fairlawn, OH

Opening And Closing Your Swimming Pool In Fairlawn, OH

Fairlawn, OH has had a fun and exciting spring and summer seasons. During these warm and sunny months, many people in this area have really enjoyed their favorite recreational activity, which is swimming. Now that the summer season is almost over in Fairlawn, OH, people are preparing to close their pools before the chilly fall and winter seasons set in. You can still leave your pool open for a few more weeks if the fall season is not too chilly. But you will definitely have to close it before the start of the winter season. Closing a swimming pool before the start of the cold season is called winterizing the pool.

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Contrary to popular belief or thought, closing a swimming pool is not easy; same case with opening a swimming pool. Some people think that you just need to spread a tarp on the surface of your pool in Fairlawn, OH and then you are all set. This is not the case. Unless you know what you are doing and you are armed with a high-quality safety cover, you should not attempt to close your pool on your own. Hire a professional to close and later open your pool properly. Eastern Pools provides professional Fairlawn pool closing and opening services at an affordable rate. Here are a few reasons why you should hire a professional to close your pool before winter and open it before spring in Fairlawn, OH.

To Prevent Shell Damage

All swimming pools in Fairlawn, OH should be covered properly before the start of the cold season. You can attempt to close your pool on your own but you might end up doing a lot of damage. If you do not close your pool properly, you will expose various parts of the pool to the harsh winter weather. The most delicate part, in this case, is the shell. The shell of the pool will get cracks and damaged if water freezes and thaws repeatedly during the cold season. Fixing a broken shell will cost you a fortune when the spring season starts next year. It is best to hire professional Fairlawn pool closing technicians to do the job properly.

To Prevent Damage To The Pool Lines

The pool lines are also susceptible to serious damage if the pool is not closed properly. All the pool lines should be blown out and plugged before the pool I closed for winter. These lines will crack and leak if they freeze during the cold season. You also have to make sure that the water in the pool remains below the skimmers. Some pools will crumble and others pop out of the ground if they are closed without any water.

To Maintain The Water Chemistry

The water in your pool in Fairlawn, OH should also be maintained at the right chemistry. Maintaining the right pH is very important during the cold season. A higher pH helps counter the effects of acid rain (snow). Maintaining the water chemistry will also prevent algae growth in your pool in Fairlawn, OH.

To Keep Off Leaves And Other Debris

A safety cover will protect your pool in Fairlawn, OH from all of the following things:

·       Leaves

·       Sticks

·       Dust

·       Other debris

·       Animals

·       Young kids

A properly installed safety cover will keep your pool clean and also enhance safety in the pool.

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